Lego 76083 – Beware the Vulture

Beware the Vulture is a Marvel super heroes spider-Man home coming set that has been recently released. Despite the story or scenario that is behind these four characters, this set is absolutely great not only thanks to the figures but also because of the white truck and its hidden features.

As you can see through the pictures, the set shows four awesome mini-figures (iron-man, superman, the Shocker and finally the Vulture with its big green wing suit) with plenty of accessories and a small white truck with a fearful trunk and lots of nice but small details.Lego-76083-Beware-the-Vulture-super-heroes-marvel-3

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Lego 76058 – Spider-Man: Ghost Rider Team-Up

The Spider-Man: Ghost Rider Team-Up is a Marvel new Super Heroes set that has recently hit stores. It’s not very big, comparing to most part of the other in this wave, and features only two hundred and seventeen pieces but with these, you certainly find some nice elements to enjoy!

As you can see through the pictures, the set includes a powerful bike, a small but always useful island with some traffic lights, a garbage can and a couple of mail boxes, a purple jet, and three great mini-figures (Ghost Rider, Hobgoblin and Spider-Man) with plenty of assorted accessories that include cards, some flames, a net for spider man and a big golden chain.Lego-76058-Spider-Man-Ghost-Rider-Team-Up-super-heroes-3

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Lego 76044 – Clash of the Heroes

The entry set of the new wave of DC Comics Super Heroes, Clash of the Heroes, has been revealed on Eurobricks, showing a really cool small set with exactly ninety two pieces that includes Batman and Super Man.

The set box shows a lot of action between the two guys, on a skyscrapers’ roof, and a lot of interesting details, with special attention for the big bat signal that according to the image, besides the fact of being a printed piece, it also shines in the dark as you can see in the small logo, in the left corner.Lego-76044-Clash-of-the Heroes-super-heroes-cd-comics

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Lego 76046 – Heroes of Justice: Sky High Battle

The Heroes of Justice: Sky High Battle is a new DC Comics Super Heroes set that will hit stores in the beginning of the year and the first one, of this wave, to surf in the internet. It’s big, with more than five hundred pieces and features a new Batwing, a green helicopter and five mini-figures: Batman, Lex Luthor, Lois Lane, Superman and Wonder Woman.

The set box picture isn’t the best (it’s the only one available for now…) but it’s possible to see that the new Batwing is the head vehicle of this box and it definitely brings a lot of nice features to enjoy!Lego-76046-Heroes-of-Justice-Sky-High-Battle-super-heroes

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Lego Dawn of Justice Batmobile – The First Picture

The first image of the new Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice Batmobile set has been unveiled by the Wall Street Journal, showing what will the main attraction of the new DC Comics super heroes’ set.

The set number hasn’t been revealed yet but it’s already know that the box will bring exactly three hundred and six pieces which, besides the batmobile, will also feature a second vehicle, (probably smaller than this one) and three mini-figures including Batman. All this with an expected retail price around the thirty dollars will definitely be a pretty interesting deal.

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