Lego Super Heroes 6860 – The Batcave

Being the biggest Super Heroes set, it is however a smaller version of the Batcave (the big one – Lego 7783 – was released six years ago) it has almost half of the bricks of the previous, but the features and all its aesthetic is very nice. It has five great mini-figures (Batman, Robin, Bruce Wayne, Bane and the girls Poison Ivy), the big cave and all its modules and two vehicles: a batcycle and Bane’s drill.

The building has three distinct areas. In the left there is the cave’s entrance with enough space, not only for the drill and the batcycle, but also to other different vehicles such as the batmobile for instance. Above the entrance there is the computer’s area with several desktops, a nice desk and a couple of wall maps and pictures, among other things.Next to it there is the weapons arsenal room, which can be accessed in the ground floor through an ingenious elevator. Continue reading

Lego Super Heroes 6865 – Captain America’s Avenging Cycle

The smallest Marvel’s set is a bit expensive. Three mini-figures (Captain America-exclusive from this set – and two Alien soldiers) among seventy two small pieces for about thirteen dollars is surely pricey. In my guess that is the price to pay for an excellent replication of Captain America’s bike as well as four three nicely detailed mini-figures.

In terms of building it not an outstanding experience, as you would expect in a small dimension set. The bike is built is with about twenty pieces and it is extremely like the usual police motorcycles, as you may see in the pictures below. However it has nice details such as room for a back clip to handle the Captain America which I specially enjoy.On the other hand the aliens are extremely well printed specially their torsos. Continue reading

Lego 10937 Batman – Arkham Asylum Breakout

Super heroes and particularly Batman is running high again with this Arkham Asylum Breakout. This new set, recently revealed is big, very big. More than a thousand and six hundred pieces, eight mini-figures, a high security truck, a stately gate and lots of fun and diversion constitute the core of the set.

If there were any doubts of the set’s size, the number of mine-figures would certainly clear them. Eight(!!) in total, some of them are known guys others not really. Batman, the Joker, Robin, Poison, the Scarecrow, Dr. Harleen Quinzel, a police officer with a blue different uniform and the Penguin (uff…) constitute the set’s cast.The security van is mostly white and light grey, Continue reading

Lego Super Heroes 6863 – Batwing Battle Over Gotham City

The Batwing Battle is a downgrade set comparing with the 2006’s Joker’s Aerial Assault (Lego 7782). Not only in terms of dimension (the oldest has more that five hundred pieces and this one has less than three hundred (almost half!!) but also in terms of value for money (it perhaps is worst in this theme) – it costs about thirty five dollars. If we forget that comparison, this average set has two interesting vehicles: the Joker’s helicopter and most of all, the Batwing.

The Heli is very simple and small – similar to other heli’s from other themes – which leave no room for more than the cockpit. This one has a windshield that is simultaneously the access to its interior and it opens completely in order to increase the playability. The funny things of this heli are perhaps the rocket side launchers and the big central gas bomb, below the cockpit, which is shot forward through a red button at the back.

On the other hand, Continue reading

Lego Super heroes 6866 – Wolverine’s Chopper Showdown

Two hundred pieces, three excellent mini-figures and a great Heli. This Marvel’ set, released this year, is surely a good addition to the collection and intends to recreate a scene where two characters, Deadpool and Magneto, try to attack Wolverine that is in his gray bike.

Starting by this one, the moto, it is quite nice but the feeling is “I’ve seen this one before”. Where? Not only in city sets but also in monster fighters as well. Building it could not be simpler. Around six pieces are enough… Imagine how long will it take. Wolverine, who’s riding it, apparently, is an exclusive from the set (I don’t remember it on any other one) and is definitely a guy to add to any mini-figures collection. Its details such as the long claws or even its heats are extremely perfects.On the other hand we have the main vehicle that is the Chopper. Continue reading