Lego 76007 – Malibu Mansion Attack

The Malibu Mansion attack is a new Super heroes’ set that will be released next spring, perhaps in April. With about three hundred and sixty pieces it has the Iron Man as the base for the sets environment. But besides him, there are another four great mini-figures: Pepper Potts, the Mandarin, Tony stark and the Extremis soldier.

Being based on the last Iron Man’s movie, this set recreates the scenes where the white Mansion is attacked by the big and powerful helicopter. Yes, as you have already imagined, the set also has a mansion (actually it is only a part of it) and a great helicopter piloted by the Mandarin.

Unfortunately, through these pictures we cannot see all the features and details Continue reading

Lego Super Heroes 6869 – Quinjet Aerial Battle

The Quinjet Aerial Battle is one  Marvel’s sets released this year. With more than seven hundred pieces it has five nice mini-figures which are an Alien soldier, Thor, Iron Man, Black Widow and Loki with its great helmet. Besides them, there is also a Chariot with two parts and of course the big attraction: The Quinjet.

The small Chariot (small if we place it side by side with the big ship…) is very simple to build and has two independent parts attached by a small technique piece. At the front there is room for the soldier which has at its disposal two major weapons. At the back, slightly elevated, there is the second platform for Loki. I must say that not only the color combination is very beautiful but also that the mini-figures stand correctly in the small ship.

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Lego Super Heroes 6864 – The Batmobile and the Two-Face Chase

A batmobile, a crazy truck and a bank, all in one box. That is quite a motive to have a close look to this Super Heroes’ Chase. This set is based, as you can imagine, on a bank’s robbery made by Two-Face and its friends. These three fellows, batman, and an officer compose the scenario of a very colored set.

The small bank is surely a small but very interesting building, specially its color. With an old style it has a door and an easily breakable wall to allow the truck’s crane to steal and hold the green safe. This one is also very realistic and it has even a big lever to open the big door.Talking about the truck, most of all, the unusual color mix (purple and orange) is the highlight point. Continue reading

Lego Super Heroes 6868 – Hulk’s Helicarrier Breakout

Hulk’s Helicarrier breakout is another excellent Marvel’s set. With almost four hundred pieces and four mini-figures (which are the big Hulk, Thor, Loki and Hawkeye), the main building is obviously the Helicarrier, but besides this, there is also a nice blue jet fighter that together intend to recreate Loki’s Escape from the Helicarrier at the same time that Hulk and Thor try to avoid it.

The Helicarrier is simple to build and basically has three different platforms which attach to each other through some pins. The middle section is Loki’s cell that is all made of glass. There are surely some nice details in this part. The transparent door opens through a clever mechanism placed in the first floor, and there are a blue extinguisher and a couple of glass boards in both sides of this section. Above it, there is a control room with some computers and a couple of blue chairs.At its right side there are Continue reading

Lego Super Heroes 6862 – Superman Vs Power Armor Lex

Lex Luthor is back with a big robot with a Kryptonite gun. With two hundred and seven pieces, the robot is obviouly the main character of the set, but there are also three nice and respectable mini-figures: Superman, Lex Luthor and the Wonder Woman. Extremely detailed, I would even highlight the accurate printed faces and the suite of the beautiful Wonder Woman.

Talking about the robot, it is rather high, compared with the little figures and extremely flixible. In terms of building it is fast to do it and rather repetitive because of its symmetry.There is a central waist, made with no more than tem pieces where eveything will attach. Legs, feet (throuth the previous), the cockpit and the arms (previously attached to the cockpit), Continue reading