Lego 41317 – Sunshine Catamaran

The Sunshine Catamaran is another great Friends Ship with lots and lots of incredible features to play with and enjoy. After the Last Dolphin Cruiser, this is surely the biggest water set and it definitely promises a lot!

It has a considerable size, a bit more than six hundred pieces, and shows also, besides the big Catamaran, a small jet ski with a banana, a couple of dolphins and three mini-dolls (Olivia, Stephanie and Liam) prepared for Summer with the usual accessories.Lego-41317-Sunshine-Catamaran-friends-1

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Lego 41310 – Heartlake Gift Delivery

The Heartlake Gift delivery is a new Friends set that will be available next January. This twenty dollars set exactly two hundred and eighty five pieces and features a small gift shop with plenty of glass, a delivery van, with lots of different colors, a few additional elements such a mail box, a cart or, three gift boxes and a small stand, and Stephanie to manage the business.

The small store is effectively really small. The store front is built up a 12×4 plate and shows lots of glass with two columns on the edges and inside it is possible to see a cash register, some small gifts to sell, a balance and some small accessories. Outside three’s a board with the prices and a small publicity outdoor on the

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Lego 41126 – Heartlake Riding Club

The Heartlake Riding Club is a new Friends set that will be available on stores next Summer, during the next wave of Lego releases. It’s one of the biggest sets with five hundred and seventy five pieces that will feature the building, two mini-dolls (Stephanie and Mia), two beautiful horses and lots of accessories not only for the dolls but most of all for the ponies.

It this list, we can find for instance lots of stuff that include a single island with two boxes for the food, some barriers to make exercise, a column with a rope to practice and of course the endless number of purple accessories for the girls.Lego-41126-Heartlake-Riding-Club-friends

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Lego 41129 – Amusement Park Hot Dog Van

The Amusement Park of Heartlake will have some very interesting sets and the new Hot Dog Van will definitely be one of them. This new Friends set will feature a beautiful Hot Dog Van with lots of nice features to enjoy, a  picture board to take some souvenir photos and two mini-dolls with assorted accessories (that includes a great hot dog disguise: Stephanie and Nate.

At the first look, it’s almost impossible not to see the shapes of a big hot. The two half sausages on the edges of the van, inside the bread, are surely very funny, and a good way to attract the

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Lego 41106 – Pop Star Tour Bus

The Pop star Tour Bus is a Friends set with almost seven hundred pieces that will bring a new travel touch to the girls. As you can see, it features a big and long Bus with lots of interesting details, outside and inside, three mini-dolls nicely dressed and with the usual accessories: Livi, Stephanie and Mia.

Besides these elements, the set features also a small round table with a sunshade that includes a few drinks for the girls, a basket with some fruit, three deck chairs, a couple of speaker s on the top of two columns and a DJ table.

The Bus looks definitely pretty cool. With Continue reading