Lego 60613 – Coast Guard Starter Set

The Coast Guard starter set is the entry set of the new Lego City subtheme, and a great opportunity to get some additional or occasional Coast guard material, without having to spend too much money.

This small set has only seventy six pieces and features a beach surveillance car, a watch tower with a yellow buoy, three mini-figures (a couple of coast guards and a surfer in trouble in the sea) with plenty of accessories (a surf board, a rescue board, a couple of walkie-talkies,  binoculars) and finally a deadly

I like this rescue car.  With a Continue reading

Lego 60100 – Airport Starter Set

Usually a starter set is not the most enthusiastic acquisition but sometimes it can be quite helpful, adding some extra mini-figures and accessories to a particular corner in the town that was still a bit naked in terms of color, movement or people.

And this seems definitely a good example, for ten dollars you’ll get four city mini-figures with nice printed suites (a mail transporter, two airport workers and a helicopter pilot) and several accessories that include two red carts, some mail, a mail box and even a small fuel tank, and of course the yellow helicopter.Lego-60100-Airport-Starter-Set-cityAnd inside Continue reading

Lego 60120 – Volcano Starter Set

Here is a ten dollars set that I will certainly not pass next Summer. I’m not the most enthusiastic Volcano fan, but I especially like these workers and the lime vehicles, so I think that it’s a great opportunity of getting a few of them without having to spend too much money.

This new starter set has only eighty three hundred pieces but features some really nice elements: a volcano ATV, a lava ball with some mysterious rocks inside, a small island with a hole with lava and four mini-figures with multiple accessories: the ATV driver, two workers and a lab

I like this ATV, it Continue reading

Lego 60023 – Starter Set

The Starter Set is another city set that will be on stores next summer and with it a great concept for those who know are now getting in touch with the city sets or even with Lego, or for those that in a generic way want to add some new city vehicles of different sub themes without having to spend much money.

This set has two hundred and seventy two pieces, five (!!) mini-figures (which are a fireman, a paramedic, a police officer, a kid with a little skate and a robber), and three vehicles: a small ambulance, a fire emergency vehicles (these two vehicles look twins…) and an ordinary police motorbike.

As you can see through the set box, three playable scenarios are here Continue reading