Lego 75214 – Anakin’s Jedi Starfighter

The Anakin’s Jedi Starfighter is a new star wars set that will be released next summer, together with this year’s second wave of Lego sets.  It’s been a while since last model, the last one is from 2008 (7669), and this one looks absolutely a nice upgrade to the previous starfighter.

The new Clone Wars set features two hundred and forty seven pieces, considerably more than the other, and features besides the space ship, two mini-figures (Anakin Skywalker and R2-D2) with the usual accessories as well as some extra ammunition for the shooters.

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Lego 75181 – Star Wars UCS Y-Wing Starfighter

The new Star Wars Ultimate Collector Series set, Y-Wing Starfighter was finally revealed by Lego. This awesome masterpiece contains exactly one thousand, nice hundred and sixty seven pieces and features besides the space ship, two characters (a gold leader mini-figure and a R2-BHD droids) and a small stand.

I must admit that it’s not one of my favorites sets, but it looks absolutely stunning and with an endless list of small details. It surely must be an amazing experience in terms of building and when it’s done it will certainly be absolutely awesome in terms of design.

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Lego Star Wars 2017 – More Official Images

In the past hours, pictures of six new star wars sets have been unveiled, joining the set list presented a couple of weeks ago. All of them look pretty interesting but my favorite is definitely the Phantom, not only for its design and playability but also because of one of the three mini-figures, the Grand Admiral Thrawn.

The sets with small / medium size are: Yoda’s Jedi Starfighter (75168), Duel on Naboo (75169), The Phantom (75170), Luke’s Landspeeder (75173) Desert Skiff Escape (75174), and finally the A-Wing Starfighter (75175).lego-star-wars-75168-7516975170-75173-75174-75175

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Lego 75018 – Jek-14’s Stealth Starfighter

The Jek 14’s Stealth Starfighter is a Star Wars set of the 2013 Lego summer Wave that will soon be available on retail. It has five hundred and fifty pieces that includes, besides the big black Starfighter, four new and exclusive mini-figures: R4-G0, Separatist Bounty Hunter, Special Forces Clone Trooper and Jek-14.

For the Star Wars Fans this is surely another opportunity to achieve a great space ship. The Stealth Starfighter is considerably big, rather detailed and it has some nice features to enjoy. It is mostly made with black pieces and a few red shades especially in the cockpit and wings and all over the model we can also find a few dispensable (in my opinion…) stickers.

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Lego 75024 – HH-87 Starhopper (HD update)

Based on the fourth season of the clone Wars episodes, the new HH 87 Starhopper is a new star wars set, that will be released next summer with about three hundred pieces that includes the big shop, a nice speeder and three mini-figures that are Obi-Wan Kenobi, Cad Bane and Nikto Guard.

The first images, for now, is not the best but I must say that in the first glance, the HH-87 is really very nice, the wingspan of ship is huge, the color combination is very nice and as a battle ship, the number of weapons is also pretty heavy because it brings, at least, two twin blaster cannons. The cockpit at the front is also very nice looking different from everything.The dark speeder looks also very accurate Continue reading