The Dark Side Mini-figure was officially revealed

It was already known for some time that the new BK Book, the Dark Side, would bring an exclusive mini-figure, the Star Wars Emperor Palpartine however there wasn’t, until a few hours ago, any official image about it.

DK finally decided to reveal it in their facebook page and, as far as the pictures can show, the differences aren’t much towards the old images, we can see its scary face (I don’t think that it will bring a double printed face) and its black suite that include some thin printings all over its torso and legs.

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Lego Super Heroes and Star Wars 2014 Mini-Figures

A couple of new mini-figures, the Joker and a V-Wing Star Wars pilot, have been surfing in the internet and according to rumors, they belong to two new 2014 sets, the Joker Steam Roller and the new V Wing Starfighter.

Solid Brix Studios is the responsible for this great new and having a look at the picture, both look pretty nice. The joker wears a blue suite and heat and its printed face clearly represents what it surely is. The V-Wing pilot on the other hand is globally more of the same, but the helmet as always is definitely very nice.

Have a look at them:

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Lego 75022 – Mandalorian Speeder

The Mandalorian Speeder is a new Star Wars set, more properly from the clone Wars sub theme, with exactly two hundred and eleven pieces that will soon be released on the second wave of sets of this year. It has the big blue speeder and three mini-figures: two mandalorian commandos and the new Darth Maul.

At a first glance, the new speeder is most of all very large, being exactly twelve studs wide! Built essentially with white and blue pieces, it is extremely accurate with pretty nice details. Starting by the front, it is quite long and sharp and through the set box we can conclude that it has some flick fire missiles built below it and ready to shoot out!

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Lego 75024 – HH-87 Starhopper (HD update)

Based on the fourth season of the clone Wars episodes, the new HH 87 Starhopper is a new star wars set, that will be released next summer with about three hundred pieces that includes the big shop, a nice speeder and three mini-figures that are Obi-Wan Kenobi, Cad Bane and Nikto Guard.

The first images, for now, is not the best but I must say that in the first glance, the HH-87 is really very nice, the wingspan of ship is huge, the color combination is very nice and as a battle ship, the number of weapons is also pretty heavy because it brings, at least, two twin blaster cannons. The cockpit at the front is also very nice looking different from everything.The dark speeder looks also very accurate Continue reading

Lego 10240 – Red Five X-wing Starfighter

Well well well, what a nice surprise. Yesterday at Lego World in Copenhagen, it was announced the Red Five z-wing starfighter. With almost one thousand and six hundred pieces, this great evolution of the 7191 model (released thirteen year ago!!) is planned to be on stores next May with a retail price around the two hundred dollars.

I’m not the biggest fan of Star Wars but this Starfighter space ship is simply awesome! Despite all the great details, the great opening mechanism of the wings is simply great and overshadows everything. With, I imagine, a bunch of technic pieces and opposite strengths techniques, the wings can assume several positions, controlled by a big lever at the back.

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