Lego 76082 – ATM Heist Battle

The ATM Heist Battle is a new Marvel Super Heroes Set that will soon be available on stores. With a small size, only hundred and eight five pieces, it features a small building, representing a bank, three mini-figures (Spider Man and a couple of Masked Robbers) with nice accessories and a motorcycle for the escape.

It might not be considered the best option if you’re searching for cars or unusual vehicles but I definitely like this set in terms of playability. The robbers look absolutely fantastic with their printed faces and unusual weapons (the laser gun with the stud shooter looks really cool). The green motorcycle despite not being a new model is also a nice added value to the set.Lego-76082-ATM-Heist-Battle-marvel-super-heroes

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Lego 76067 – Tanker Truck Takedown

The Tanker Truck Takedown is a new Marvel Super Heroes set that will be available next summer, probably in August. Sometimes the simpler things are the best and this set definitely seems to follow that thought, showing some great figures to enjoy and a vehicle with plenty of playability.

With a total of three hundred and thirty pieces, the set includes as the head elements, the yellow and grey truck, a purple motorcycle, a small island with a windsock, and four mini-figures (Spider Man, Hawkeye, Captain America and Vision) with assorted accessories that include flames, a fire extinguisher, a super jumper and assorted weapons.Lego-76067-Tanker-Truck-Takedown-super-heroes

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Lego 30448 – Spider Man vs The Venon Symbiote

A new Marvel Super Heroes Polybag, Spider Man vs The Venon Symbiote, has appeared on Ebay showing a battle between these two figures. The piece count is not known but looking at the picture I would say that it should have around thirty pieces.

Spider Man will have the help of a Super Jumper to fight the black Venon Symbiote which looks pretty amazing with five heads. There no information about its availability but we’ll probably see it soon with the rest of the Marvel wave.Lego-30448-Spider-Man-vs-The-Venon-Symbiote-marvel-polybag

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Lego 76036 – Carnage’s SHIELD Sky Attack

Here’s another interesting Super Heroes set to achieve, without having to spend too much money. It features three mini-figures which is always pleasant in a set that brings a bit less than hundred pieces, and a small aircraft with a considerable number of features, if we consider its size.

The aircraft is mostly built with dark blue pieces mixed with a few yellow lines and brings right at the front several interesting elements. First of all, a couple of orange stud shooter, second, a couple of lights and third, right in the middle it features the opening mechanism of the big windshield.

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Lego 30305 – Spider Man Super Jump

The Spider Man super Jump is a new super heroes’ Polybag that was uncovered by the Hungarian retailer that has listed a few new polybags, including this one. The package includes a Marvel Ultimate Spider Man mini-figure, a drone with six legs and just every sets of this new wave, the new super jumper piece.

Spider Man, despite the bunch of different versions looks once again very nice, the jumper piece, will surely give it a bit more of playability and through the picture it’s possible to see that the drone will also feature a couple of flick-fire missiles.Unfortunately, there are no news Continue reading