Lego Ideas – Second 2016 Review Results

Women of NASA has been announced as the Winner of the second 2016 Review stage and, consequently, will be one of the next production sets which is remarkable, according that it makes part of a huge list of projects that includes another eleven awesome models.

The set, a tribute to the ladies, includes five female mini-figures (Margaret Hamilton, Katherine Johnson, Sally Ride, Nancy Grace Roman and Mae Jemison) and in addition also a Hubble Space telescope, several scientific instruments and a small Space Shuttle with an external tank and rocket

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Lego Galaxy Squad – A New Space Subtheme in 2013

Looks like that the Galaxy Squad, a new sub-theme of space, has been, finally, revealed. There aren´t many pictures or even details but through a couple of pictures we can have an idea of what is coming up next. The sets will only be released next year and until know six are already known, at least their names.

Through the pictures, we can see that some monster, figures, insects, or whatever you want to call them are inspired in the old ninety’s theme, the Insectoids which as some of you might remember was a theme with pretty much success.  We can at least, count not only with great mini-figures as well as with big insects....Continue Reading...

Lego Fan Event 2012 in Lisbon – Part 5: Space

The space sets and Moc’s were just next to the city. For them, it was reserved a big table and they surely deserved it because the amount of creation was huge. This was perhaps one of the most customized environments. I was quite impressed not only with some buildings but mostly with the space trains.

The trains were actually monorails with an amazing aesthetic, as you can see by the pictures. The terminals and station were not also forgotten and they all were quite well integrated in the space base. One of the trains even passed through a tunnel that was right in the middle of a building....Continue Reading...

Lego City 3368 – Space Center

The Space Center is a 2011’ set with lots of interesting features and enormous playability. It has a big launching platform with lots of accessories, a solid rocket and its carrier, a command center, a satellite ready to be launched, a mini car and four mini figures: two astronauts, a controller and an operational technique.

The rockets carrier is quickly built. A few big pieces in the beginning give this part a robust and strong look. In the edges, four wheel mechanisms guarantee the delicate operation that consists on putting the rocket in the right place. In the middle an attaching mechanism is responsible for the rocker immobilization. Below the structure, two yellow pieces will fit other two in the platform structure.

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