Lego 41315 – HeartLake Surf Shop

The HeartLake surf shop is a pretty Friends set with plenty of seaside colors and nice small elements to enjoy. With a small size, featuring only hundred and eighty six pieces, it shows a small seaside building, a purple kayak, a small rack with a couple of boards and a mini-doll, Mia, with the usual accessories.

The surf shop is not very big but definitely looks nice. Built over a couple of sea and sand plates, it has at the front some sand and water as well as a small harbor. The access to the shop is made through the sand and just right next to it, there’s also space for a nice chair where Mia can have some hot sun

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Lego 41320 – Heartlake Frozen Yogurt Shop

Here is another interesting Friends building. With almost four hundred pieces, the set features a colored Yogurt Shop with a Drive in, a yellow convertible with an unusual yellow shade, a small esplanade with a table and some seats to enjoy the ice creams and two mini dolls (Olivia and Julian) with assorted accessories.

At the first glance, the Frozen Yogurt shop isn’t much different from many other Friends’ sets but looking closely, there are definitely some new details to enjoy. First of all, the drive in section!Lego-41320-Heartlake-Frozen-Yogurt-Shop-4

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Lego Cuusoo – Mini Shop Series

Currently, this is for me, one of the greatest Cuusoo projects that can be viewed in the official website. With almost eight thousand supports, these six mini-shops could definitely go right now to production line because they’re simply a must not only for my small town but I guess that for many others.

The Mini Shop series that you can easily see here, is constituted by six small shops of known brands, that are the Starbucks Coffee, McDonald’s , Apple Store, 7-Eleven, Dunkin Donuts and a traditional Lego Shop.

It’s not easy for me to say which one is the prettiest Continue reading