Lego Star Wars 2013 – A possible set list for summer releases

The Spanish forum Hispalug has recently commented a possible list for the second wave of star wars sets. If it’s true, there will be eight new sets with a range between 75015 and 75022. At the moment it’s only a rumor but according to the comments, the source is rather trustful and if they’re true, there will be some sets inspired in the clone wars series.

I must confess that I’m not one the most enthusiastic fans of this theme but I guess it’s always pleasant to see such a quantity of releases for a theme on a single year. If you’re really interested of what is coming up next year, have a look at the following list.

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Lego Star Wars 2013 Summer Sets – Let the Rumors Begin

The new 2013 winter sets from star wars are not even released and the Swedish forum has posted some information about the second wave of sets for next year. It’s seems that among others we’ll see a Jabba Sailbarge, a AT-TE and a Republic GunShip, unfortunately and according to the user, very similar to the previous 6210.

As you possible remember, only a few weeks ago, the last unknown set of winter releases, the 75014 – Battle of Hoth, was finally revealed, so it’s kind of strange to see some further information of summer sets.

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Lego Legends of Chima – Have a look at the 2013 first pictures

The Legends of Chima, as you possibly know, is one of the new 2013 sets and it will possibly substitute the 2011 Ninjago.  According to the pictures below the rumors are highly supported because all the style, the feelings and most of all its features with all the gaming cards are quite similar for sure.

Basically the theme has two different concepts: the traditional sets with vehicles, figures or whatever and the speedorz that apparently will replace the Ninjago spinners. Some sites give a quick but not too detailed explanation about them talking about a sort of small vehicle with a pullback mechanism which will interact with the cards. Next year we will see about that.Talking about the sets, they are quite strange and different just as Ninjago was.

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Lego Ninjago – First available pictures of the 2013 sets

First of all, I must say that I’m not a big fan of Ninjago. However I truly respect those who like this type of sets as much as the other. After all we can’t all simply like the same things. So you guys must be pretty excited because finally some nice pictures have been revealed, although most part of it is only the set boxes.

For me that don’t waste many time with the theme, I must say that I’m quite surprised with the temple of light (lego 70505). The gigantic warrior, the big red temple as well as the amazing details and its rare mini-figs surely made me stop for a while and carefully look at it. This is definitely a great creation among the Ninjago theme.

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Lego City- First Available Pictures of the new Police Sets

By the same time of the fire theme, a few other city models were finally revealed, particularly three police sets. These sets are really great because they are not hundred percent cops’ vehicles. They are part of a nice background scenario and with them another different city vehicle and buildings surely make a great combination.

Until the date, the Museum break-in is the theme’s masterpiece. It has a small building
with a bunch of great details, a couple of robbers with a great van (attempt to the aerodynamic of the vehicle – simply great) a reasonable helicopter (a twin of the new fire station’s heli)  and a great security van (this one is rather similar to the 2011’s bank and money transfer – Lego 3661).The ATV is typically a five dollars set (perhaps a little more because it will bring two mini-figures and a nice wheelbarrow) Continue reading