Lego 2016 sets on

Continuing with next year’s releases, has just revealed an extensive list with most part of the sets that will be included in the first wave in 2016. The list is quite extensive and I’m sure that there will be plenty of great stuff to enjoy among them.

However, my first feelings are that this list is far from being completed not only because there are plenty of gaps between the set numbers but also because I can’t find a single set beyond the seventy bucks. Finally, two notes, one for the speed champions that will return with new manufacturers and for the new theme, the Nexo nights that seems, according to the names, to be something similar to Castle.

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Lego City 2016 – The First Rumors

Looks like that the 2016 rumor season has just started. Among the bunch of possible set names of several themes that were published here, I would like to have a quick look on my favorite team, City.

At the first glance, the fire vehicles dominate and among them, it seems that there will be a new fire station that according to previous rumors will be a super fire station with more than a thousand pieces that will certainly include three or four vehicles and a bunch of firemen.

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Lego City Summer 2015 – The first rumors

Among a considerable number of rumor lists of different themes that have been circulating in the net, in the past days, I especially enjoyed the City 2015 summer set list. At the first glance I would say that is a bit far from being completed but through the names it’s possible to see, if being truth, that there’ll be a couple of new subthemes.

Once again with Eurobricks as the source, the Space seems to be back after four years, as well as an undersea exploration subtheme, each one of them with at least a full hand of new sets. There aren’t for now any kind of information about their sizes or prices, but looking at their names, at least in some of them, I guess that is already possible to imagine something.

The set includes also the city advent calendar as well as Metro MDP that sounds like a sort of subway or a monorail. Have a look the them:

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Lego officially revealed BIONICLE for 2015

Bionicle is officially announced as a new 2015 theme, after five years of stop. There were already some consistent rumors since a few weeks ago but what has started this week as a possible accident, ended gladly with the Lego confirmation, for the happiness of all the Bionicle Fans.

The set list, as you can see below, show a huge list with thirteen sets with prices between ten and twenty dollars. There are no images for now but the expectation is that they will be presented in the upcoming New York Comic Con, next October.

Have a look at the set list:

Lego Top Gear 2015

A couple of months ago, rumors mentioned the possibility of Top Gear enter in the world of Lego. Joining this summer rumor mill, a new set list has appeared on Eurobricks, showing what might be the first wave of top gear sets.

The list, with a pretty consistent number range, includes seven sets with high speed cars, and I honestly can’t choose a favorite. I’m also quite curious in terms of aesthetic namely if they will be closer to technic models, creator or even city, or if they’ll have their own style!

For now, there is no other kind of details, namely their size or availability, so treating it once again as a rumor, I guess that there is no other choice but wait for more good news. Until then have a look at the list: