Lego Summer Sets – The First Rumors

In the last hours, a few rumors have been surfing in the internet with the names and numbers of some of new Summer sets. The list includes City, Creator, Star Wars, The Batman Movie and Nexo Knights among others with their set location. Many people also ask “where was the movie mud filmed?”

The set list is quite long and I’m not going to talk about all in detail but I must say that I’m quite excited about the possibility of having a Jungle subtheme in City as well as a BUS station. On the other, hand themes like Star Wars or Friends don’t appear to be complete, but I’m sure that soon we’ll hear and see some more about

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London Toy Fair 2016 First Round Up

London Toy fair has begun yesterday and in a short time, plenty of initial details about the summer wave have been surfing in the internet. Unfortunately looks like that photos aren’t allowed inside the event but at least there is some goof information about names and prices. And it seems that, despite the set lists aren’t complete, in most of the cases, the past rumors were right!

City for instance will show two new subthemes, the airport and a Volcano Exploration which I think that will be awesome, and others will continue to present a nice and long new collection like for instance friends or Star

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2016 Summer Sets – An extensive list with City, Ninjago, Super Heroes and much more

Just2good on Eurobricks has done it again and published an extensive list with part of the sets that will be available in the summer wave, next June.  And there are surely some names that caught my attention, namely all the City Volcano subtheme and the Fun at the Park !

The list includes themes like Juniors, Marvel, Dc Comics, Star Wars, City, Ninjago, Creator, Friends and Nexo Knights and some of them, regarding that we’re still some months before their release, are already very complete, namely Ninjago, Nexo Knights and

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Lego Nexo Knights – The first official image

An unwatermaked picture of the new Nexo Knights theme has been surfing in the internet in the past hours, giving a pretty nice idea of all the atmosphere that the fans can possibly expect about this new wave.

The image is a sort of poster that apparently has been discovered in the back of the latest Australian Lego Club magazine and shows lots of really nice details especially in terms of mini-figures. Vehicles or buildings aren’t so clear for now but at the back, it’s definitely possible to speculate a bit.Lego-Nexo-Knights-2016-poster

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Lego 2016 Set Names – The first round

In the day that rumors about the 2016 Ghostbusters Head Quarters won some consistency with the discovery of a link on, a member of the Brickset forum has posted a set list containing a lot of information about the next wave of sets of several themes, namely Minecraft, Ideas, Mixels, Technic, Creator and Dimensions.

The names might not be the final version but the set range seems quite consistent in all of them. Having a look at the long list, I must say that I’m quite curious about a few sets namely the Creator constructor vehicles (31041) and Ocean Explorer (31045) and the regarding Technic, the Police Interceptor (42027) and the Volvo EW 160E (42053).

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