Lego Mini-Figures Series 9 officially released

At last, the series 9 of mini-figures have been revealed as well as all its details observed from almost every angle or perspective. The rumors weren’t wrong, and the ninth series is perhaps one of the best that Lego has ever made. Not only in the pictures below but also on Lego mini website dedicated to these little fellows and in Eurobricks forums, with a great review, you can have a deep look at all of them.

The new sixteen minifigs will come packaged on a silver bag and as usual besides the identification technique of “touch and feel “, I surely hope that a trustful cheat code list appears as fast as possible.

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Lego Series 9 – Pictures of All Mini-Figures

Lego decided to reveal the back parts of the series 9 mini-figures, teasing even more the curiosity of the fans. A few days ago we’ve seen some possible versions of what would be some of the sixteen mini-figures of next series. But now we can have a clear idea of all of them though it is only possible, for now, to see at their back.

Looking at the pictures I’m must say that now I’m especially curious about the new Heroic Night and its big helmet, Dr Splitz looks like a great new minifig and the Battle Mech Looks also a good addition to the collection.

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Lego Mini-figures Series 9 – A couple of new figures revealed

In the sequence of Dr Splitz, two more mini-figures of the ninth series, which the list you can see here, were revealed: the Alien Trooper and the Chicken Suite guy. This one looks like a nice mascot mini-figure with a white suite but honestly it is not one of those that I have big expectations.

On the other hand, the Alien Trooper has definitely caught my attention. With a highly detailed printed torso and legs with the same colors and pattern – looks like a mix of green and grey – , it has a scary tough face and a couple of accessories which look like a helmet and a chestplate with shoulder protections. Have a look at Chicken suite:

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Mini-figures Series 9 – A possible picture of Dr. Splitz

Recently, rumors in the internet mentioned strongly a list of mini-figures of what can be the list of mini-figures of the series nine.  The names listed below suggest that there might be a considerable number of totally new mini-figures of several themes instead of some traditional re-arrangements.

Gladly, looks like that the first spy shot of the first guy finally appeared. The figure in the following picture is the right look to be Dr Splitz. With a great colored face and a bottle in its hand, it is a strong possibility to be one of the next sixteen mini-figures that are expected to be released in the beginning of 2013.

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