Lego Collectable Mini-figures Series 16 – (Finally…) The Official Pictures

Lego has just revealed the official pictures of the new Series 16 of collectable mini-figures (71013)  that are really close (it seems that they are already available in a few countries and on Shop@Home too) to hit general retail.

With no surprise, they’re once again simply awesome and they’re a few ones that I’ll certainly not miss, namely the Banana Guy, the Hiker with its detailed suite and accessories, the Ice Queen for her beauty and the Mariachi with his

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Lego Mini-figures Series 16 – A Possible set list

Looks like the next months will be quite rich in terms of new mini-figures. The last Series 15 has just hit markets and besides the new German football Team and the Disney Series that will be available next summer, rumors on eurobricks mention that we’ll see the next series 16 later this year.

Better than that, the set list is already chosen, and usually these rumors are always right. Take note: Hiker, Rogue, Arabian Knight, Serenader, Spooky Boy, Scalawag Pirate Babysitter, Wildlife Photographer, Dog Show Judge, Kickboxer, Cyborg, Ice Queen, Penguin Guy, Banana Guy, Spy and Imp.LEGO-SERIES-16-MINI-FIGURES

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