Lego Series 14 of Collectable Mini-figures – The Official Pictures

Lego has just published the official images of the new Series 14 of collectable mini-figures on their Facebook page, as well as the respective names and descriptions. The sixteen guys were already known since a few days ago but now, gladly, it’s possible to see them with a better detail.

The guys are absolutely outstanding and if you search a minute for the fans reactions, you’ll notice that this series will absolutely be a success. The new monsters will be available next September and should retail around the three dollars.

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Lego Collectable Mini-figures Series 14 (71010) – The official Monster data sheet

The first picture of the official series 14 leaflet has been posted by the Brick Fan, showing all the sixteen monsters that will make part of the new series. The most part of them was already known and in addition to these nine guys we have the werewolf, the zombie pirate, the crazy scientist, the wacky witch, the fly monster, the Tiger woman and the banshee.

The seven new guys are gladly in line with the rest but let me tell that the Zombie Pirate this time definitely caught my attention. Overall these sixteen characters have everything to be a success, especially if we consider, in the addition to the mini-figures, the bunch of great accessories that all of them bring. The new Series will be available on September and should retail around the three dollars.

Have a look at the complete list:

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Lego Mini-figures Series 14 – The first pictures

Some of the new series 14 characters of collectable mini-figures have been revealed by Idle Hands showing some of the guys that will be part of the new series. The pictures show the Zombie Businessman, the Man-Eating Plant, Bigfoot, Skeleton Boy, Specter, Gargoyle, Zombie Cheerleader, Lady Vampire and Horror Rocker and I must say that they have everything to be a truly success.

From these nine guys, it’s definitely very hard to pick up a favorite but I would say that the man eating plant, the Zombie cheerleader and the Horror Rocker are for now on my Top 3. Can’t wait to see the other seven!

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Lego Series 14 of Collectable Mini-Figures – The first official picture

Hoth Bricks has just posted an official image with four of the new sixteen mini-figures, from the next Series 14 that will be available next October, showing that the rumors that circulated on internet, a few days ago, mentioning that the new series would be based on monsters or Halloween, were globally correct.

The picture shows clearly what it seem to be the new Rocker Monster, the Crazy Witch, the Skeleton Guy and Lady Vampire and I must say that I’, quite impressed with all of them, not only in terms of painted details but also if we attempt to their accessories.

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Lego Collectable Mini-Figures Series 14 – The first rumored list

And here we go again with a first round of rumors, this time with the series 14 of Lego collectable mini-figures. A list of possible characters has been posted on eurobricks (via a Czech website) containing the name of sixteen new figures that will probably be released in the end of this year.

The names aren’t for sure their final version (don’t forget that besides a rumor, this is a translated list) but they seem consistent in one thing: they are all inspired on monsters which might indicate some trend or theme of the new mini-figures series.

And I must say that I’m quite curios to see the Plant Monster and the Rocket Monster! Have a look at the 16 guys: