Lego Mini-figures Series 11: The Official Pictures

Lego has recently upgraded its mini-figure site with the official series 11 pictures which will be on retail next September. The green will predominate as the main color scheme and in my opinion, despite I have bought a few, these eleventh series surely looks greater than the previous.

With the respective description, the new pictures reveal great details than weren’t totally clear on previous images, especially all over their printings. And yes, I keep my preferences, the Welder, the Scarecrow, and the Evil Mech are definitely amazing.

Have a look at all of them:

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Lego Mini-figures series 11 already on sale in Europe

Looks like that the new series 11 of mini-figures is already on sale in Poland. According to a Polish fan who reported it to Brickset, the new wave of mini-figures was seen on o Local supermarket. Using the green color I must say that, having a deep look to the pictures that this new series is definitely better than the previous one.

At the first glance my favorites are surely the scare crow , the Welder and the evil Robot (these last two you’ve already known them from here. But honestly the mountain climber, the jazz man and the dinner waitress with the roller skates were also a nice surprise. I hope to see them soon in other countries, expecting a retail price around the two dollars/Euros. Have a close look to all of them:

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Will these be the new Lego Series 11 Mini-Figures?

A picture of five new mini-figures of the series 11 has recently been surfing in the internet, with the rumor that they will belong to the list of the new sixteen characters. And as far as we can see, most of the details match with five of them namely, the Evil Robot , the Female Scientist , the Yeti , the Lady Robot and a Welder.

There is also the possibility of being custom figures but I guess that is highly unlikely, because simply it wouldn’t be so easy to do. For now, I must say that my favorite is definitely the Welder and the disappointment is absolutely the female robot – that’s surely an ugly face!

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Mr. Gold and the New Mini-Figures Series 11

The ultra rare Mr. Gold, as expected, has unfortunately entered into the world of speculation. Yes, the first units came to cost in Europe and on ebay there are a couple of them with a fantastic (not) asking price around the 1300 dollars, which is “definitely great” for those collector who really want to achieve this new mini-figure.

On the other hand there is some great news for the mini-figures fans! The French Amazon recently presented a possible set list for the next 11th series of mini-figs. It looks a strong possibility with a bunch of great characters.

Please have a look at the sixteen guys that are included in this 11th rumor: