Lego 2017 Seasonal Halloween Set– The First Picture

2017 has just started and the first picture of the next Halloween set is already surfing in the internet, taken from the back of an instructions booklet. And looking to the image, the set definitely smashes with some pretty nice details.

Featuring a big black gate with some flames and a pumpkin that presumably is the entry of a haunted house, the picture shows also a couple of mini-figures (a skeleton and a Butler??) and a few additional accessories namely a cauldron with plenty of stuff inside , a couple of glasses, a cat and globally a mysterious atmosphere!lego-seasonal-halloween-2017

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Lego 40236 – Seasonal Romantic Valentine Picnic

Lego has just unveiled a new seasonal set, the Romantic Valentine Picnic, a small set with only hundred and twenty six pieces but with an incredible number of accessories to enjoy, a blooming tree  and two mini-figures (a boy and a girl) nicely accurate.

In terms of accessories it is possible to find  in the box, a heart-shaped lawn, a bouquet of flowers, a red balloon and also a picnic blanket, a couple of sandwiches, some cakes, a table, two glasses and a bottle. Not bad at all for such a small

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Lego Seasonal Snow Globe (40223)

After the awesome holiday train set that will be shortly available, here is another Seasonal Holiday set, the Snowglobe (40223). With the usual shapes of an ordinary snow globe and plenty of different colors, it features a small storage compartment in the base and a globe with Santa and a Christmas tree inside.

Unfortunately, this will be a limited edition set and will be available only at Shop@Home and Lego stores, as a gift for purchases of ninety nine dollars or more between November 25 and 28th, in the long Brick Black

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Lego Seasonal and Bricktober Building Instructions are available

The building instructions of several sets with limited availability are now ready for download on Lego servers in a pdf format. The sets include the Seasonal Christmas Train (40138) and Gingerbread House (40139) and the Bricktober wave that features the Train Station (40142), Hotel (40141), the Bakery (40143) and for last the Toyrus Store (40144).

For those who don’t have the chance to get these sets, this is definitely a good opportunity for trying to recreate the models or in another perspective to see the most part of their hidden details and building 40138-40139-40141-40142-40143-40144

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Lego 40139 – Gingerbread House

A picture of the Gingerbread House, the second of the 2015 Holiday sets, has been discovered in the US store calendar of November, joining the already known Christmas train (40138) that has been unveiled a couple of weeks ago.

The house isn’t very big but it’s definitely a must in terms of color and detail. Built up on a few small white plates, the walls seem to be made of chocolate, with lots of gums in the white roof. The entrance and the windows are also nicely decorated and the small garden has also a path filled with gums and flanked by six colored muffins.Lego-40139-gingerbread-house-christmas-2015

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