Lego Harry Potter in 2018?

A pretty interesting rumor has been surfing in the net in the past Hours: The Harry Potter theme might return in 2018. Seven year have passed since the last released sets so this is definitely a good opportunity (if it’s true….) for the new fans (and the older too…) to get their hands on new Harry Potter stuff.

Additional rumors mention that the news will be not only in terms of regular sets (not only from Harry Potter series but also from fantastic beasts) as well as a Collectable Series of

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Some Rumors about 2018 Lego Sets

Last weekend was quite rich in terms of rumors about the first wave of 2018 Lego releases. Eurobricks once again was rather busy and shown some set lists with names, regarding a few themes namely Nexo Knights and Star Wars.

Star Wars is absolutely far way from being completed (Boba Feet and Darth Vader are probably buildable figures) but Nexo Knights shows already six new sets with a consistent range number that won’t be very far away from their final keep in mind that these Continue reading

Lego Summer Sets – The First Rumors

In the last hours, a few rumors have been surfing in the internet with the names and numbers of some of new Summer sets. The list includes City, Creator, Star Wars, The Batman Movie and Nexo Knights among others.

The set list is quite long and I’m not going to talk about all in detail but I must say that I’m quite excited about the possibility of having a Jungle subtheme in City as well as a BUS station. On the other, hand themes like Star Wars or Friends don’t appear to be complete, but I’m sure that soon we’ll hear and see some more about

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Lego Star Wars 2017 Summer Wave

The first wave didn’t hit stores yet, most part of the details about January new sets are still a mystery and here we go for the summer set line for star wars! Just like every time, please consider this list as a rumor and the names might not be on their final version.

The prices go from the fifteen dollars of the battle packs to the ninety of the Freemaker adventures and among them there a few medium size sets with prices around the sixty/seventy dollars such as the death gang or the Star Wars The Force Awakens, the Quadjumper. All of them should be only available next

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Lego 2017 – A couple of new rumors

A couple of rumors regarding Super Heroes and Star Wars, particularly about the Rogue One sets,  have been circulating on Eurobricks mentioning some possible sets that will make part of the first 2017 wave of new releases.

In terms of the Rogue one sets, there will be at least three buildable figures: Shore Trooper (75523), Chirrut Imwe (75524)  and Baze Malbus (75525), and the new microfighters will include a U-Wing, a Krennic’s Shuttle and a TIE Striker. lego-star-wars-super-heroes-2017

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