Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens – Two New Polybags Found

A couple of news Star Wars: The Force Awakens polybags have been found, joining the extensive collection of 2016 Star Wars Polybags, based on the new movie. The first one (30277) is a pretty small miniature with around thirty pieces of the First Order Star Destroyer.

The second one (30279) is a replica of Kylo Ren’s Command Shuttle (75104), released last year, that seems to have a similar piece count and some small details that definitely identifies it with the bigger

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Lego 30276 – First Order Special Forces TIE fighter Polybag

In the last lays, The Force Awakens sets have been surfing all around and among them, this new polybag. Usually there isn’t much to detail about these bags but in this specific case there aren’t unfortunately any kind additional details for now.

Rumors say that this small copy of the new 75101 TIE fighter won’t be the only, because in a short while it seems that are also planned another three models: A Troop Transport, Kylo Ren’s Command Shuttle and an X-Wing.

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Lego 30314 – Go Kart Racer

Here is another 2015 city polybag! This little set that will be gradually available on retail (probably only in a few stores…) brings forty five little pieces that feature a little racing car, a mini-figure with a colored racing suite and also a nice racing light built upon a small 2*4 plate.

The Kart looks pretty nice, mixing red and white bricks, and shows all major the details of this type of racing cars. The wheels are very small and placed on the edges, there’s also a small aileron at the front and the pilot has a really nice piloting position protected with a big black bar in his back. The engine isn’t very big (in fact it couldn’t…) and it’s placed just behind the bar.

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Daily Mirror Polybag Promotion in September

Brick fanatics has mentioned that Daily Mirror will have a new Polybag Promotion in September from 20th till 27th. The list features eight sets from different themes (city, star wars, Chima and Lego movie) and constitutes a nice opportunity for the British fans to get their hands on some really nice polybags.

It seems like the other times, there will be a different polybag on each day and all that is necessary will be buying the news paper, get the token and go to store. The only doubt for now is the retail’s availability, namely in Toysrus.

Have a look at the list:

Lego 30246 – Imperial Shuttle

A couple of days ago I’ve came across, in my local store, with this new star wars polybag. The Imperial Shuttle, built mostly in a light grey shade, brings exactly fifty seven little pieces and a couple of interesting elements such as the moving wings or the couple of laser guns placed just next to them.

I don’t know if is a Toysrus exclusive but, for the star wars fans or even to the polybag’s collector, it looks definitely quite tempting. This mini-version of the Lambda Shuttle is retailing exactly at $4.99 and will soon, I hope, be available on multiple markets. Have a look at it:

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