Lego Harry Potter Polybag discovered

A new Harry Potter – Wizard World polybag was discovered, and the result is a new bag called Harry’s Journey to Hogwarts (30407),with of thirty seven pieces that intends to recreate a small scene from the movie where Harry carries his luggage.

The polybag basically includes Harry and some accessories, including Hedwig the white owl, and at the first glance, it should interact pretty well with the new train set, the Hogwarts Express. There’s no word about prices but rumors mention the possibility of being available next month, just like the rest of the set list.

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Lego 30543 – Christmas Train Polybag

Despite being so simple, this polybag is definitely pretty cute. The new Lego Christmas train brings around seventy pieces and the traditional strong red color, mixed with black, which gives it a very traditional and seasonal look.

In terms of elements, it shows a coal locomotive with a few golden bricks, a gift cart in the middle with two presents and at the back, the passengers’ wagon. No details for now about availability on retail or prices, but until Christmas, there’s plenty of time for that.

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Lego 30382 – A New Jurassic World Polybag

I don’t know if you’ve seen, but in the previous post about the Dilophosaurus Outpost Attack (75931), there was a little cute dinosaur in the box. Well, looks like that the new Baby’s Dino will also be available in a new Polybag called the Baby Velociraptor Palypan (30382)!

This new bag brings forty eighty tiny pieces that feature besides the adorable creature, a small and colored structure with a nice piece of meat for the baby, a small bone, a recipient for water on the opposite side and finally in the middle, a door to come inside.

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Lego Incredibles – Edna Polybag

The new Lego Incredibles Video Game is just around the corner and with it the first polybag, Edna, an exclusive mini-figure. This girl is not the most interesting, especially if you didn’t see any trailer yet but I think that the fans don’t think the same way.

Edna that was already been seen on ebay, brings also a code in the left corner to unlock its character in the game. This polybag has the reference 30615 and there’s no word for now when and where will be available on retail (I guess that just like the Banana Guy, it won’t take long to see it…).

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New Lego Polybags Were Unveiled

Images of four new Lego Polybags from different themes (Friends, Lego Batman Movie and Ninjago) have been unveiled, joining the extensive 2018 collection that will surely delight all the polybag fans.

The Batman Movie shows a 3×1 building option, the Mini-ultimate Bat mobile, which is really cool and rather unusual in this type of sets and a smaller bat shooter, Friends present a new bag with a pod with Emma and a lot of accessories inside and finally Ninjago brings us the Kai’s Dojo Pod, with Kai and a training suite.

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