Lego 30449 – The Milano Polybag

A picture with a new  Marvel Super Heroes, Guardian of the Galaxy Vol 2 Polybag has been discovered, showing a pretty nice miniature of the bigger brother 76081 (The Milano vs. The Abilisk).

With the same color scheme (blue and orange), the polybag features sixty four pieces and most part of the shapes of the original model. How to get it? In a first round, between April 24th and 28th it will be available with the presentation a voucher (number 5) in any purchase of fifty five Euros or more.The-Milano-Polybag-super-heroes-polybag

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Lego 30607 – Disco Batman / Tears of Batman Polybag

A new Lego the Batman Movie polybag has recently been discovered in a Macau Toy store. The new Polybag is called Disco Batman – Tears of Batman and shows two version of Batman with some pretty unusual colors.

There’s no detail about its piece count but I’m sure that it won’t be difficult to find it out. The two variants will presumably be part of the movie and only there, we will understand (at least me…) why Batman is dressed like that!lego-batmam-the-movie-polubag-30607

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Lego 30522 – Batman in the Phantom Zone

The first 2017 and consequently The Lego Movie Polybag has been revealed. Batman in the Phantom Zone is a forty pieces bag that contains a Batman Mini-figure with some accessories and a mysterious drone with plenty of sharp elements.

Batman seems to be with a smiling face (will it have a double printed face?) but almost for sure that the drone will give him some fight! At the moment there isn’t any information about prices or availability on markets, but I’m sure that soon we’ll hear some more about Continue reading

Lego Star Wars – A new A Wing Pilot Polybag has been found

A new star Wars rebel Polybag containing an A wing Pilot has been found and once again on Eurobricks, justtogood didn’t lose time to provide an official image. The polybag has only six pieces which is enough for the pilot that wears a red suite and small weapons.

At the first glance, I think that it looks pretty cool, the red uniform presents some nice printed details and the helmet is definitely one of my favorites. At the moment there’s no kind of information about price or availability on Markets that I’m sure that we’ll see it on stores in a couple of

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Lego 30477 – Captain America’s Motorcycle

A new Marvel Super Heroes polybag has been unveiled by Lego, when uploading new building instructions to the servers. This small set features a sidecar motorcycle built mostly with red and black pieces that include a flick fire missile and one mini-figure, Captain America.

At the first glance I like it, it’s not a usual vehicle and the side car seems to be easily detached from the rest. The piece count is not known (I would bet something around the fifty pieces) and there’s no word about their possible availability on markets.Lego-30477-Captain-America-Motorcycle-marvel-super-heroes

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