Lego City- First Available Pictures of the new Police Sets

By the same time of the fire theme, a few other city models were finally revealed, particularly three police sets. These sets are really great because they are not hundred percent cops’ vehicles. They are part of a nice background scenario and with them another different city vehicle and buildings surely make a great combination.

Until the date, the Museum break-in is the theme’s masterpiece. It has a small building
with a bunch of great details, a couple of robbers with a great van (attempt to the aerodynamic of the vehicle – simply great) a reasonable helicopter (a twin of the new fire station’s heli)  and a great security van (this one is rather similar to the 2011’s bank and money transfer – Lego 3661).The ATV is typically a five dollars set (perhaps a little more because it will bring two mini-figures and a nice wheelbarrow) Continue reading

LEGO 4439 – Heavy Duty Helicopter

The Heavy Duty Heli is a 2012 Police set, it has almost 400 pieces and 3 mini figures. I guess this is a tendency in this year’s sets, a lot of them have more figures than their previous models. This heli is quite realistic and have that robust and bulk aspect, very common in cargo’s transportation.

Although its dimension, it is very easy to build and has a lot of interesting and uncommon pieces. Starting by the smallest in the set, the car is a true all road vehicle with six wheels and a rear box for small pieces or any other kind of cargo. The Heli has a big rear compartment witch can carry the car or even other small Lego sets that you might have in your collection and it can be accessed through one of the available doors: the sided or the front one. Continue reading