Lego 60141 – Police Station

Let’s have a look to the new 2017 Police station. It has almost nine hundred pieces, a little bit more than the previous model, but as always, a great number of features and details to enjoy that can only be found in this iconic city set.

The set features the Police Headquarters building with three districts areas (the cells, the headquarters with a heliport on top and a small garage with a surveillance tower), an helicopter, a high speed police car, a tow truck to the thieves, a police motor cycle, a dog and finally seven mini-figures (three thieves and four police officers) with assorted accessories.Lego-60141-Police-Station-city-4

Globally, I can’t say that Continue reading

Lego City 7498 – Police Station

The Police Station is the most sold set in 2011, in the all world. This is simply amazing and truly respectable. If you find a small defect, it will surely be hidden by the so many features, vehicles, and hours of fun that this set has. With almost eight hundred pieces it is perhaps is most important set in any town. Moreover, the towns are not the same without it.

I can’t really say which one is the best, if this or the previous 7743 Police Headquarters. The big difference that I find in its structure is perhaps the cozy courtyard with the two barriers that this new one doesn’t have, but this point does not make them better or worst, just different.Let’s have a look at the headquarters building. Continue reading