Lego 60015 – Coast Guard Plane

Finally, the last unknown city set is seen, it’s was about time! The Coast Guard Plane is the last of the summer wave to be released. It will have exactly two hundred and seventy nice pieces and will bring two excellent vehicles: a fishing boat and a big cost guard heliplane. To give some action to the set there are also three nice mini-figures: two fishermen and the plane’s pilot!

Starting by the smallest, the fishing boat, it has the same average length of many other city boats thanks most of all to its white base, which gladly floats. In terms of features I would say that although its simplicity, there are a few nice things to point at. The bow has nothing much, only a couple of black safety bars.

But on the other hand, in the middle, the small cabin Continue reading

Lego 60022 – Cargo Terminal -updated-

The Cargo Terminal is a new city set that is planned to be on stores next summer, and as you might see is an improvement of the 2008 cargo plane (7734) or if you prefer is a good adaptation of the Airport Airplane (3182) to the cargo’s environment. In this case, both planes are basically the same.

The set, besides the majestic plane (it has exactly forty eight cm long, the same that the 3182) has also a control tower and three ground vehicles which are a little Octan support vehicle, a forklift and a completely new elevator that will simply and easily carry the goods from the pallets or from another vehicles until the plane’s doors. The mini-figures will be five (three workers including the vehicles drivers, the tower controller and the pilot.Starting by the set’s star, the plane, it is definitely a must. Continue reading