Lego 75091 – Mystery Plane Adventures

The Mystery Plane Adventures is a new Scooby doo set with less than two hundred pieces that will soon hit stores. It features a multicolored airplane with a few interesting features, three mini-figures (Scooby-Doo, Shaggy and the Headless Horseman) and a pretty white horse for the last one.

I must say that I like this plane. It’s not big which is good in terms of handling and playability, and just like so many other similar models, I like its old style. It looks extremely simple to build and uses a nice color scheme that mixes light green with bright blue and orange.

Scooby Doo and its mate Shaggy, Continue reading

Lego 70171 – Ultrasonic Showdown

The Ultrasonic Showdown is a new Ultra Agents set that will be available next summer. With around two hundred pieces, it features an Ultra Agents Jet and a mini-droid that together will fight Professor Brainstein with his fearful robot suit, and an additional mini-figure, Agent Curtis Bolt that will pilot the plane.

The big attraction is obviously the jet that being mostly built with black pieces mixed with a few transparent pieces, presents some really nice features to enjoy. And the first one is just at the front with a really nice cockpit protected by an oval windshield that is easily opened, giving access to the interior were we can find what it seems a round control panel and a few handlers.

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Lego 41100 – Heartlake Private Jet

The Heartlake Private Jet is a new friends’ set that will hit stores in the beginning of June. The set has only two hundred and thirty pieces and I think that is incredible how a jet can be built with such a small quantity o bricks. Besides the plane, the set features also two mini-dolls (Olivia and Matthew) and a couple of minor elements such a metal detector and an x-ray machine.

The only explanation for that is the fact that there are multiple parts of the plane that are big single bricks such as for instance the nose that looks considerably long and at the first glance, easily detachable and for that, all that’s necessary is remove the small piece placed just on the top.

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Lego 7417 – Temple of Mount Everest

Recently I’ve been presented with this set and honestly the surprise couldn’t be better. This thirty dollars temple is already ten years old but it could be definitely from nowadays. With almost three hundred pieces, it has an awesome aesthetic, an interesting and unusual color combination and best of all a great plane.

This Orient Expedition set has, besides the temple and the plane, four mini-figures (two Everest natives, a pilot and the Expedition conqueror). In terms of building, it is quite simple to mount it, some of the parts of the white structure are big panels, and there is even a sliding door at the front that hides a nice hidden room with some tools inside.

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Lego Duplo – Three New Planes Sets

Based on the new Planes Walt Disney Movie, Lego will launch at least three new Duplo sets with plenty of color and some great new vehicles for the kids. For now are known the 10509 (Dusty and Chug), 10510 (Ripslinger’s Air Race) and 10511 (Skipper’s Flight School) which in my opinion look really great!

This small wave of sets, as you can see through the pictures brings plenty of planes, Dusty and Chug with only sixteen pieces are a plane and a tow truck with a small workshop, Ripslinger’s Air Race, with forty pieces is a nice festival with a couple of planes, a podium and a big presentation entry and finally the bigger Shipper flight school brings a nice building with two planes and a crew member.For a specific target, these sets look really great, Continue reading