Lego City 7684 – Pig Farm and Tractor

The Pig Farm and the Tractor is a 2010’s set that gives the town a rustic look. For that is surely a nice addition. Hard to find in the stores, It has more the two hundred and fifty pieces, two mini-figures (a couple of farmers), four pigs, an enormous quantity of tools and accessories and of course a tractor and its trailer.

Staring by this one, it has more technical pieces then it would be expectable. Starting by the base which has two long pieces. The cab is raised and has a steering whell and a decent seat. At the front, there is the engine with some dark gray parts representing the engine’s grilles. The wheel arches also intend to protect the driver in case of accident.The wheels are also big, and the rear axis’ attachment is different than the usual city vehicles because it uses a long and thin piece instead of the common method, like the front axis for instance. Continue reading