Lego Super Heroes 76004 and 76000 – New Pictures of These New 2013 Sets

The set boxes of the Spider Man cycle chase (76004) and of the Aquaman on ice – Batman against Mr Freeze (76000) finally appeared. Both have similar sizes, small sets I would say and will cost maximum around fifteen dollars. I’m not one of the most enthusiastic Super heroes’ sets but I must say that and two have pretty nice details.

By the picture below, we can see that both have three mini-figures, a major vehicle which is a batboat, in the case of the 76000, with a great color combination (black and yellow). This set has also a sort of ice jail with a small white base and a couple of transparent blue pieces which intend to simulate the ice.

The Spider Cycle Chase, on the other hand has a motorcycle

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Lego 60017 and 60018 City – Finally Revealed

Finally, we can have a look of the new Cement Mixer and of the new Flatbed Trucks. The yellow Cement Mixer looks really great just by looking at the set boxes. Unfortunately is too soon to find out how the mixer cylinder will rotate but we can see by now that the set will have two road workers with some tools and plenty of cement little pieces and also a red wheelbarrow to transport them.

The Flatbed truck will surely be also a nice addition to the next year’s portfolio because it is a small truck different from everything, specially all its engine’s hood parts and consequently all the esthetic – and for better I must say. The flat bed will also have a tipper mechanism which easily will lower the bed, in order to tower another vehicle.

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Lego Star Wars – New Available Pictures Of The 2013 Sets

Today is surely a day of great news. A bunch of new pictures not only from Star Wars, but also from the city, Legends of Chima and Superheroes themes are finally available. In this post you will find pictures of seven new star wars sets that will be available on stores in the beginning of 2013, almost sure in January.

Seven new sets were finally revealed. In the pictures below you will find a clear idea of what each one of them will be. The clone trooper look like a fifteen dollars sets with a small ship, two figures and a couple of droidkas and the 75001, the republic vs sith troopers will also be a small set with four mini-figures and another small ship.

The AT-RT (75002) will have basically the big robot

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Lego Ninjago 2013 – Additional Great Pictures and Details

A bunch of new pictures and great details of almost all the new Ninjago sets are now becoming available in the internet. If you’re a big fan of the theme you will get extra information about all the main machines or buildings and surely some great nice details about their mini-figures which includes not only the torsos but also all the great printings on the legs and helmets.

Kai’s fire Mach, the cole’s Earth Driller, the Golden Dragon, the Garmatron or the Temple of Lights among others surely will not make the life easy to the fans because the new features are really great. And rumors a few weeks ago were saying that Ninjago was going to end next year’s first halt?

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Lego Ninjago – First available pictures of the 2013 sets

First of all, I must say that I’m not a big fan of Ninjago. However I truly respect those who like this type of sets as much as the other. After all we can’t all simply like the same things. So you guys must be pretty excited because finally some nice pictures have been revealed, although most part of it is only the set boxes.

For me that don’t waste many time with the theme, I must say that I’m quite surprised with the temple of light (lego 70505). The gigantic warrior, the big red temple as well as the amazing details and its rare mini-figs surely made me stop for a while and carefully look at it. This is definitely a great creation among the Ninjago theme.

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