Lego Palace Cinema officially announced

Last Friday, at Brickfair in Alabama, Lego officially announced its new modular building, the new 10232 Creator Expert Palace Cinema. It will have two thousand, one hundred and ninety four pieces and a retail price around the hundred and fifty dollars that proportionally is cheaper than other previous modular sets.

Probably, none of this is particularly new to you because not only I’ve made a small presentation of this set, a few weeks ago, but also because it has been spoken on many websites on the last few days.

However, allow me to highlight Continue reading

Lego 10232 – The First Details of the Palace Cinema

The Palace Cinema is a new Modular building from Creator Expert that will be released this year. The set, besides the majestic building, has also six (and not seven as I wrote in a previous post) mini-figures (which are a barman, a photographer, two ladies, a guy with a cowboy heat and the limousine driver) and a great black convertible limousine.

The Palace has two floors, each one of them with awesome details, and a roof with a large terrace. Unfortunately the set is not available yet, but through the pictures we can see that in terms of building, the palace is clearly built separately in three elements (the two floors and the roof) and then joined at the end. This is quite understandable because the access to the interior is much easier and it surely increases the playability.

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Is Lego 10232 the next Modular Building?

A few reference sites, recently, released a great picture of what is expected to be the next Lego modular building. If this rumor is true, the Palace Cinema (lego 10232) is surely going to be an amazing set, this time with the seal of Creator Expert just like, for instance, the new train 10233, the Horizon Express.

According to the following picture, the huge building will have two floors, with plenty of tall windows, lots of presentation cartoons of all the movies in exhibition, an impressive tower at one of the corner, and lots of nice details, all over the entire palace. Besides that, it will also bring a nice vintage convertible and according to the picture seven (!!) new mini-figures. Have a look at this great building and meanwhile let’s hope that this picture becomes reality in 2013....Continue Reading...