Lego 40264 – Friends Accessory Pack

Just like City, it seems that Friends will have in the beginning of 2018 a new accessory set with lots of small elements for the girls. And looking to set box, which has an unusual shape, looks like that there will be plenty of useful stuff.

This new accessory pack has no mini-drools, just like City pack, and features a brick built swan, a small stage with a microphone and a couple of speakers, a park bench, a barbecue, a small table with a juice machine and some fruit, a rabbit, a ping-pong table and a swing with two smaller set will Continue reading

Lego 40170 – A New City Accessories Set

A new City set has been found and through the image is definitely a very unusual set. This small size box shows a quite interesting of roadside accessories that can be useful in a town and surprisingly it has no mini-figures, which is not very common.

The set contains a bicycle rack with a blue bike, a small cabin with a barrier, a traffic light, a couple of road signs, a tool both (with a shovel and a broom), a small bus stop, a garbage can, a table, a box with some food and a white

For those Continue reading

Lego Minecraft – A couple of new Skin Packs in September

The official images of two new Minecraft Skin packs has been surfing in the internet, showing all the details and colors from two additions that were already known for a few months. Personally I’ll pass them but I’m sure that the Minecraft fans will find them quite useful when joined to bigger sets.

The two skin packs (853609 and 853610) have similar size, with around twenty five pieces, and both brings four figures with some additional accessories. The sets should be available on retail next month with a price around the fifteen

Have a look at the Continue reading

Lego Dimensions – A new Lego Game concept

In the past hours, a lot of new information about the new Lego game has been surfing in the internet. The new Video Game, Lego dimensions, and will allow players to interact with sensor pads and mini-figures at the same time, choosing interactively what kind of characters that they want to see on screen.

Among several different licenses that will bring known characters from different themes, such as Batman, Gandalf, or even Wyldstyle from the Lego Movie, the game will also feature a Lego Toy pad and a small brick structure that once built will be fixed to the pad, as a sort of gateway.

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Lego Pirates – The return with a small accessory pack

A new small accessory Lego pack has been recent caught in a retail Lego Store. The Pirates had gladly returned, discreetly it’s true, but it’s always pleasant to review this nice classic theme, this time with some nice accessories.

The new Pirate’s pack is constituted by four new mini-figures (a pirate captain nicely detailed including a map and a peg leg, a female pirate with a sword and a red parrot and two twin pirates with the traditional suites) and some nice elements such as a treasure chest, a nice piece of meat, a yellow crab and a small brown barrel.

With thirty nice pieces, the set retails around fifteen dollars and I surely wish that it will soon be available on other markets, besides, of course, the Lego online store. ...Continue Reading...