Lego 41317 – Sunshine Catamaran

The Sunshine Catamaran is another great Friends Ship with lots and lots of incredible features to play with and enjoy. After the Last Dolphin Cruiser, this is surely the biggest water set and it definitely promises a lot!

It has a considerable size, a bit more than six hundred pieces, and shows also, besides the big Catamaran, a small jet ski with a banana, a couple of dolphins and three mini-dolls (Olivia, Stephanie and Liam) prepared for Summer with the usual accessories.Lego-41317-Sunshine-Catamaran-friends-1

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Lego 41128 – Amusement Park Space Ride

Next summer, the Amusement Park will surely present some new awesome sets and this Space Ride will definitely be one of them. This new Friends set has exactly hundred and ninety five pieces and features a carousel with three space ships, a small ticket sale stand that includes an ice cream cart and Olivia as the single mini-doll.

I like this carousel! It’s quite simple but it shows a great touch of playability and it will fit perfectly, as a good complement, nearby, for instance, the new roller coaster. Built upon a purple base it has a simple technic structure that not only is responsible for the rotation mechanism but also holds the planes to the carousel.Lego-41128-Amusement-Park-Space-Ride-friends

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Lego 41103 – Pop Star Recording Studio

The Pop Star Recording Studio is a new friends’ set that has recently hit stores. With exactly one hundred and seventy two pieces, it is not very big, but definitely shows a huge potential in terms of fun and playability.

As you can easily see, the recording studio features a big production room with a bunch of different accessories that includes: a computer with lots of different controls, a CD player with an eject function, a video camera, a small stand with a microphone, a sofa and other minor elements such as a guitar, a sheet music and also a magazine.

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Lego 41107 – Pop Star Limousine

The Pop Star Limousine is a new Friends set that, together with the Heartlake Airport, was only unveiled in the past days. The piece count is not know yet, but I would say that it will have something around the three hundred pieces, which will be responsible for the awesome limousine, two mini-dolls ( Livi and Olivia), a red carpet and a small stage with two seats for the pop stars.

First of all, let me tell you that I love this convertible limousine. It looks rather pretty – the white mixed with a few purple and golden details gives it a really nice look – and the fact that all the inside elements are available surely increases it playability.

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Lego 41100 – Heartlake Private Jet

The Heartlake Private Jet is a new friends’ set that will hit stores in the beginning of June. The set has only two hundred and thirty pieces and I think that is incredible how a jet can be built with such a small quantity o bricks. Besides the plane, the set features also two mini-dolls (Olivia and Matthew) and a couple of minor elements such a metal detector and an x-ray machine.

The only explanation for that is the fact that there are multiple parts of the plane that are big single bricks such as for instance the nose that looks considerably long and at the first glance, easily detachable and for that, all that’s necessary is remove the small piece placed just on the top.

It will certainly increase Continue reading