Lego Lord of The Rings – New 2013 hobbit sets

By this time of the year almost every themes have rumors and confirmations about their new sets and the hobbit is no exception. Recently, the first shots appeared on the web, condensed on a big poster, showing some reasonable previews of what is coming up next.  Through them, six sets can be easily viewed.

Riddles for the ring is a ten dollars set with two mini-figures (Bilbo baggins and Gollum), a boat and a cave, the attack of the Wags is rather bigger and it will have five mini-figures, two animals and the core of the set will be a big tree. The unexpected gathering is the only one that has been revealed a couple of months ago and it’s basically a hobbit’s house with that nice little and round door.The Barrel’s Escape has a couple of jails and a guard’s room Continue reading

Lego Ninjago – New 2013 sets

Recently rumors revealed the first highlights of the new Ninjago sets that will be released next year. Although there is the possibility that this theme finishes its journey next year, there is of course and similarly to other themes, the curiosity to discover the new sets and all the bunch of models mini-figures and the main features.

At the moment there are no spies or under covered pictures, however six new sets are already known. There will be a Fire Robot (Lego 70500) which will have two mini-figures and some weapons, a Samurai Bike (Lego 70501) with Jay and a Warrior and a Power drill (Lego 70502) that will surely surpass and smash any kind of obstacle.Lego 70503 will bring us a Golden Dragon with three mini-figures Continue reading

Lego Creator – New sets for 2013

Just like the other themes, Creator has already some certain about what sets will be available next year. Although it is not one of the favorite themes for a Lego fan, over the years, there have been some great and beautiful sets that easily integrate in any kind of town. For instance I easily remember last year’s release the Lego 7346, the seaside house or even the 7347, the highway pickup.

For next year, or perhaps next Christmas, it is expectable that some new sets will be released. So far, the known information, talks explicitly about ten set, two mini-vehicles which are a racing car and a jet. The other two include a bunch of different vehicles and even a new country house.

The new sets, among others will have a Continue reading

Lego Technic 2013 – New Sets

Like in other Lego themes, by this time of the year, the rumors give place to real sets and in this case about ten sets are already revealed. There are no available pictures yet or at least with a minimum of warranty but at least by the set’s name, the enthusiastic fans can have a clear idea of what is coming soon.

There is also some expectation if some of them will be released before next Christmas in order to be an option when it is time to buy some presents. The realistic and functional features will definitely present, but I can´t say the same about the fact of if there are any new or different available parts or pieces.

As you can see detailed in the list below, Continue reading

Lego Friends 2013 – New Sets

The girls with surely be delighted with the great rumors about the new sets. There is a bunch of different scenarios, mini dolls, as well as new buildings and vehicles. This is perhaps the theme that most increased the sales and as a consequence, it is surely one where the expectation for pictures, confirmations and release dates is very high.

There will be a new jetski, a football training where Stephanie, I guess, can score some nice goals,  Ema will have at her disposal a very nice Karate Dojo to kick some bricks, a new Magic show will appear in town with Mia and her rabbit, Andreas will have a new Jet Ski, similar to the previous one, according to same Friends fans.

A new Pet Shop will also be available in the town Continue reading