Mr. Gold and the New Mini-Figures Series 11

The ultra rare Mr. Gold, as expected, has unfortunately entered into the world of speculation. Yes, the first units came to cost in Europe and on ebay there are a couple of them with a fantastic (not) asking price around the 1300 dollars, which is “definitely great” for those collector who really want to achieve this new mini-figure.

On the other hand there is some great news for the mini-figures fans! The French Amazon recently presented a possible set list for the next 11th series of mini-figs. It looks a strong possibility with a bunch of great characters.

Please have a look at the sixteen guys that are included in this 11th rumor:

Toy Soldier – The Exclusive Mini-figure of the New Character Encyclopedia

The New Lego mini-figures character encyclopedia, which will be released in the beginning of May, will gladly include an exclusive mini-figure, the toy soldier, with a typical red and blue uniform, a nice red heat and a brown rifle. It is not properly innovator, there are a few guys quite similar with it, but, however, it is surely a good addition to the collection.

With more than hundred and sixty mini-figures, the new encyclopedia will include detailed information about all the mini-figures from series 1 to 10, which is simply great in terms of history, providing an easy way of remembering the older guys.

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