Lego Ninjago Movie – A Couple of New Polybags

A couple of new Ninjago the Movie Polybags have been found, joining the already known Ice Tank.  One of them is the Quake Mech (30379), a bag with sixty four pieces that intends to be a miniature of the bigger Mech (70632) that will be available only in the beginning of the next year.

The second is the Green Ninja Mech Dragon (30428), a small set with a  similar piece count, only sixty pieces, and all the main shapes of a green dragon that can be seen with more details in the regular set, Green Ninja Mech Dragon (70612).lego-ninjago-movie-30428-polybag

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Some New Lego Summer Polybags

A few new Lego polybags of several themes have been surfing in the net, showing mostly some new pods of Ninjago Movie, Friends and Nexo Knights. And there is definitely some great stuff for the polybags or pod’s collectors.

Ninjago shows Kai’s Dojo Pod, (a bag with a pod, Kai’s figure and a small shelf with weapons and accessories), Master Wu Keychain with only six pieces, and a small Movie Maker Polybag. Nexo Knights shows a similar pod with a knight’s figure and some accessories and finally Friends with Emma and some tools inside a

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Lego Ninjago Movie – The Collectable Mini-Figures (71019)

Lego has just published pictures with some descriptions of the twenty characters that will make part of the next series of Ninjago Movie collectable mini-figures. There are definitely some amazing guys and three version of Garmadon.

It is also possible to observe that the bags will probably be white with a “20” stamp on the right corner. For now is absolutely impossible to choose a favorite, but it will certainly be one of these three: Gong & Guitar Rocker, Garmadon or the Shark Army

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Lego 70616 – The Ice Tank was finally revealed

In a week, where almost all the great news were about the new Ninjago Lego Movie sets and all its releases, the big Ice tank was finally unveiled (the small polybag was already known since a few days…) by Lego, showing one of the biggest Ninjago vehicles of the next wave of sets.

The box includes besides the tank, five mini-figures (Zane, Shark Army Angler, Shark Army Thug, Patty Keys and Torben) with plenty of accessories and weapons in a total of nine hundred and fourteen bricks.Lego-70616-Ice-Tank-ninjago-movie-3The set should Continue reading

Lego 70620 – Ninjago City

Ninjago City, the biggest Ninjago Movie set, and perhaps the biggest Lego set of the past years, has been officially revealed by Lego. The set, as you can see, includes a fantastic three level building with an endless number of details and different colors, sixteen (!!) mini-figures and a small boat with a big engine.

The extensive collection of mini-figures with assorted accessories include Jay, Kai, Lloyd Garmadon, Green Ninja Suit, Misako, Jamanakai Villager, Sally, Ivy Walker, Konrad, Severin Black, Tommy, Guy, Juno, Mother Doomsday, Shark Army Gunner and Officer Noonan, plus Sweep the maintenance robot.Lego-70620-Ninjago-City

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