Lego 70656 – garmadon, Garmadon, GARMADON

Strange name for a set, strange creature but definitely a box with plenty of nice details and features to enjoy! The new garmadon, Garmadon, GARMADON was already known for a while but only now the official images have been surfing on web.

This new Lego Ninjago Movie is a big size set with more than eight hundred pieces that features the fearful shark submarine, a hotdog stand with accessories and food and six great mini-figures: Lloyd Garmadon, the Hotdog guy, Braces girl, Garmadon, Shark Army Thug and Hammer Head, all with assorted weapons (and hot dogs…).

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Lego 70609 – Manta Ray Bomber

Manta Ray bomber is a Ninjago Movie set that is available on stores since last August. With three hundred and forty pieces, it is basically the Flying Manta, a strange aircraft with the shapes of a Manta but with lots of interesting features and four nice mini-figures: Cole, Shen-Li, a Shark Army Great White and finally a Shark Army Gunner with assorted weapons.

The Aircraft definitely looks pretty funny. With a scary face and two wide fins (or wings if you prefer…), it’s impossible not to associate it to the big ocean creature. The cockpit is placed on top in a sort of yellow boat and inside besides the handlers, it has also space for a second guy and a big shotgun.

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Lego 70608 – Master Falls

Master Falls is a Ninjago Movie set that has recently hit stores. With around three hundred pieces, it is the perfect option if you want an addition to the bunch of Ninjago vehicles and without having to spend too much money.

This interesting set features a nice tricky bridge with plenty of trapped elements, including a cage, lots of different colors and small details to enjoy. In terms if mini-figures there are four: Jungle Garmadon, a Skeleton, Sensei Wu and Kai, as always with a few assorted accessories.Lego-70608-Master-Falls-ninjago-movie-3

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Lego Ninjago Movie – 2018 Official Set Images

After the two new Ninjago Movie sets unveiled yesterday, there are now pictures of four new sets that will make part of the next wave of 2018 Lego sets. Besides the couple revealed yesterday, we can now observe the new Garmadon’s Volcano (70631) as well as the Spinjitzu Masters Lloyd (70628).

Personally, I like the Garmadon’s Volcano Lair. It definitely seems to have plenty of nice features to play with as well as some nice mini-figures to enjoy. I’m also curious to see if the big Mech stand alone or not. Maybe with a hidden brick at the back…lego-ninjago-movie-70628-70629-70631-70632

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 New Ninjago Movie Sets Unveiled

A picture with a couple of new Ninjago Movie sets has been discovered in a German Website, The new sets are the Piranha Attack (70629) and the Quake Meck (70632). There’s no official information but through the picture it is possible to see that the Piranha Attack will be composed by two strange vehicles and four mini-figures.

The Quake Meck will be slightly bigger and besides the Meck, whose main general curiosity is to see if it stands alone by itself, will feature also five mini-figures with assorted accessories. Honestly I’ll certainly pass these two!lego-ninjago-movie-70629-70632

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