Lego 60180 – Monster Truck

Here’s is another 2018 City set that has been unveiled last week. Definitely, it is not one of my favorites, but I must admit that is a good addition to a few previous Stunk trucks sets. With around two hundred pieces, this 4X4 truck shows also a nice ramp, two gas bottles with flames and a single mini-figure, the pilot,  which is unfortunately a negative point in a twenty dollars set.

This beast has perhaps some of the largest wheels present in a City set, giving it, together with the suspension and impressive height. The suspension is clearly built with technic bricks and attaches to the rest of the structure in several points, giving the car a very sturdy look.

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Lego 10655 – Monster Trucks

Here is a nice option for the kids to enter in the big world of Lego. The Lego 10655, Monster Trucks is a new basic set with exactly one hundred and ninety seven pieces that include three mini-figures (a police officer, a mechanic and a pilot) and a bunch of different building options, especially in terms of vehicles.

The standard option show us three nice monster trucks models: a green tow truck with a big air entrance at the front, a flat windshield and a nice winch at the back, capable of pulling all the other vehicles and a police truck with the typical blue shades and two black flags just behind the driver’s seat.

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