Lego Batman – All the released mini-figures since 2006

If you like Batman, have a look at the thirteen official mini-figures that have been released since 2006 until the present, including the two exclusive that were released, one in 2011, in San Diego at the Comic Con and the other in 2012 with the Visual Batman’s Dictionary.

Although all the mini-figures are rather similar (some of them are nearly the same), there are, greatly, some reasonable differences among them. The black suits dominate over the years, curiously only one has printed legs and I must say that the new white Batman is really pretty awesome.

It’s definitely a pity that the big wings Continue reading

Lego Series 10 Mini-figures first appeared on stores

Shyly, the new series 10 of Mini-figures is showing up. Although its release date is planned only about two months from now, there are a few lucky guys who have put their hands on it, before the rest of the world. The expectation is high and the new mini-figures make this series one of the best that Lego has ever launched.

As you probably know, this new series brings the extremely rare Mr. Gold, the 17th mini-figure of the collection that will only appear in five thousand boxes all over the world. Unfortunately I’m realistic, about it, it’s almost impossible to get it without buying it on the internet, for a prohibit price, so I guess that I’ll concentrate my eyes and my money on the other sixteen, which are definitely great!

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Have a look at some new Legends of Chima’s Mini-figures

The first wave of Chima’s sets brought us several new mini-figures of different tribes such as the Lions, the Crocodiles, Eagles and even the Wolves. That was surely a respectable list of great additions but as you possible know, a few more tribes were reserved or planned for the summer wave of new sets.

Below, in the couple of pictures you can have a clear look about two new tribes: the Foxes and the Gorillas. Unfortunately there are a few more tribes that still missing and those are the Rhinoceroses, the Bears and the Skunks. Some of them are probably in the picture but from this angle is impossible to be sure.Starting by the foxes, you can see three of them and they surely look rather detailed. Continue reading

The Mini-figures of the 2013 Star Wars Sets

This is definitely a great galley of Star Wars’ mini-figures. The next wave of star wars is all here represented and through this picture we can have a clear look of the extensive list of characters that integrate all this new sets. Twenty six mini-figures are surely a respectable number.

The following picture also reveals an interesting issue that is the number of sets that each one of the mini-figure participate. And according to it almost all of them, this year, is exclusive to a single set with the exceptions of the blue clone trooper and the brown Commando Droid Captain ....Continue Reading...

Legends of Chima and Galaxy Squad Mini-figures

With the end of the year and the approach of new releases, additional details of the new themes start to surf in the internet. A couple of sites presented a few pictures of the new mini-figures of Galaxy Squad and Legends of Chima from which we can already see some great details.

Talking about the galaxy squad, the insect that you can see below is quite similar to the ones that were in the cartoon presented here. Those big eyes, the long nose and the printed body are in my opinion very good and at the back the green wings make this figure quite unusual and will surely be one of the added value of these sets.On the other hand, from legends of Chima,

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