Lego 60066 – Police Swamp Starter Set

Here is another good opportunity to get four mini-figures and some extra accessories for a decent price. The new Police Swamp starter set that will be available in the beginning of the year features a small Police boat, a raft, four mini-figures with assorted accessories (two different thieves and a couple of officers – including a female), a crocodile, a small hideout for the money and a couple of smaller animals (a red snake and a crab).

The boat, as expected, is quite simple having at the stern a big propeller, remembering a hovercraft. The cockpit looks also pretty nice with a couple of handlers and two blue lights attached to clips.

The police swamp vehicle has a task in this set and the job is to pursuit the crocks’ raft which looks ...Continue Reading...

Rumor: The Super Heroes and Star Wars 2015 Mini-figures

During the day, a huge list has been circulating in the internet with all the mini-figures that will come in the next Super Heroes and Star Wars wave of sets. The base of this rumor seems to be a German website that published a few preliminary images of all these sets.

At the first glance there are characters for every tastes, some of them seem new, others are already known for a while, however there is, in my opinion, and additional detail in this list: the sets’ size! The more figures you see, the bigger will certainly be the set!

Have a look at them and please consider it only as a rumor:

Super Heroes:

  • 70625 – Green Lantern vs. Sinestro: Space Batman, Sinestro, Green Lantern
  • 76026 – Gorilla Grodd Goes Bananas: Gorilla Grodd, Captain Cold, Driver, Wonder Woman, Flash, Batman Continue reading

Lego Legend of Chima – The new 2014 mini-figures

A few days ago, a scan of the back of a Legends of Chima’s instructions booklet has appeared in the internet, containing all the new mini-figures that will be present in the new sets. As always, the new guys are extremely accurate with some really nice details, representative of their tribes.

AS you probably already know there will three new tribes (the bats, the spiders and the scorpions) and, at a glance, at least a couple of them have been dropped down in this wave (the wolves and the Ravens).

As it concerns to the new tribes, there will be eight new elements and almost every one of them is exclusive of a set (the exception are ...Continue Reading...

Lego Marvel Super Heroes Game – 150 Characters Confirmed

Great news for the mini-figures fans! According to Metro News the new Lego Marvel Super Heroes Game will have at least hundred and fifty characters which mean that this game will have the biggest line of minifigs that has even been put in a Video Game.

The game developed by TT Games will be available on retail next November for several platforms such as Wii U, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, DS, 3DS, and PS Vita. If you’re particularly curious about which figs will appear, have a look at this huge list of guys, containing the most part of them:

Abomination, Acolytes, Archangel, Arnim Zola, Beast, Continue reading

Lego Mini-figures Series Codes

This post is made especially to my friend Daniel, who suddenly got the passion for series 6 and 7 mini-figures (gladly they’re at the moment available on some European retail stores…). Probably most of you have already heard about it, but I haven’t talked about it here. If you’re a mini-figure collector or even a sporadic buyer you have probably noticed that is almost impossible to know what is inside a bag without opening it first. You can touch it carefully and have an idea but for certain figures it is surely impossible to be 100% sure that we’re buying the right guy.

However, at the bottom of the bags, there are about two to five dot codes that in most of the polybags are rather well visible. The trick is to detect their disposition and compare them to the following tables according to the figure we want to find. In case of the dots are not consistent or visible, my advice is just simply pass to the next bag.

Personally I’ve tried a few bags of the following series and it works pretty well. Continue reading