Lego Star Wars – The 2018 Official Pictures

Finally, some of the new 2018 Star Wars sets have been revealed. Through the available set list it is possible to conclude that the list is far away from being completed but for now, we can see four new micro-fighters, a couple of buildable figures and a few regular sets.

At the first glance, there is more quantity than quality (or at least there isn’t anything in particular that excited me). I don’t especially appreciate the buildable figures or the micro-fighters and in terms of regular sets, almost all of them are just small size boxes. Gladly however there are some a few nice mini-figures!

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Lego Star Wars – Some new 2017 Pictures

A few new star Wars set pictures have been found on Eurobricks, showing some new microfighters and also four regular sets. In terms of microfighters, the news include U-Wing (75160), Tie Striker (75161), Y-Wing (75162) and Krennic’s Imperial Shuttle (75163.

The regular sets include a couple of battle packs (the rebel trooper – 75164 and the Imperial Trooper – 75165), the Battle of Scarif (75171) and the Y-Wing Starfighter (75171). Please keep in mind that the list is far away of being completed and many more of them will shortly be

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Lego Star Wars Microfighters – The first pictures

The first Pictures of the new star wars Microfighters’ sets have been finally been unveiled. These as you possibly know will substitute the Planets sets’ range which in my opinion seems a positive change.

These small sets, with the size of traditional polybags, are basically recreations of bigger well known models, and I must say through the available pictures that the final result seems pretty good. Every one of them brings one mini-figure and just like the older planets’ sets they will retail around the fifteen dollars.

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