Lego 41127 – Amusement Park Arcade

The Amusement Park Arcade is another Friends set that will shortly be available on stores. With hundred and seventy four pieces (the set looks small but if you look closely, it’s built with plenty of small bricks) it is definitely a nice and cheap option with plenty of fun and playability to enjoy.

As you can see in the pictures, the Amusement Park Arcade features three distinct games that include a basketball launcher, a target shooting in the and a frog catcher at the left and a Mini-doll, Mia, with a few additional accessories.Lego-41127-Amusement-Park-Arcade-friends

The central stand includes the Continue reading

HeartLake Performance School (41134) First Look

A picture containing the new Friends Heartlake Performance School (41134) has been unveiled on Lego Rebrick, showing, despite the small size and resolution of the picture, some of the main details of this new set that will have exactly seven hundred and seventy four pieces.

The set box shows a nice building with two floors, a yellow bus that is causing a lot of expectation, a small stage, an outside table with some seats, three mini-dolls (Andrea, Mia and Emma? – through the picture it’s not 100% clear…) and the usual number of tools and accessories for the girls!lego-41134-HeartLake-Performance-School-friends

I’m quite curios to see more details, especially Continue reading

Lego 41126 – Heartlake Riding Club

The Heartlake Riding Club is a new Friends set that will be available on stores next Summer, during the next wave of Lego releases. It’s one of the biggest sets with five hundred and seventy five pieces that will feature the building, two mini-dolls (Stephanie and Mia), two beautiful horses and lots of accessories not only for the dolls but most of all for the ponies.

It this list, we can find for instance lots of stuff that include a single island with two boxes for the food, some barriers to make exercise, a column with a rope to practice and of course the endless number of purple accessories for the girls.Lego-41126-Heartlake-Riding-Club-friends

The building uses a traditional Continue reading

Lego 41118 – Heartlake Supermarket

Heartlake has a lot of houses, shops or markets but I think that is the first time that receives a Supermarket. And looking at the pictures, besides the traditional bunch of different colors, I would say that inside and outside there’s a lot of stuff to enjoy.

This new Friends set has around three hundred pieces (a bit more…) and features a  nice colored Supermarket with an endless number of accessories and tools, especially inside, a new shopping cart with a parking island, a small stand, in the outside, with some newspapers and two mini-figures: Mia and Daniel.Lego-41118-Heartlake-Supermarket-friends

The Supermarket, as you Continue reading

Lego 41108 – Heartlake Food Market

The Heartlake Food Market is a pretty nice Friends set that has recently hit stores. It has almost four hundred pieces and features a colored market with two floors, two mini dolls (Mia and Maya), a small motorcycle, a cat and an endless number of accessories that includes two boxes with fruit, a small outdoor with the goods’ prices, a basket and also a small bench with a lamp.

There are, in this moment, plenty of beautiful friends’ buildings and this one takes the chance of being just one more among the others but I think that it is always possible to find some new details and nice stuff to play with.

The store is on Continue reading