Lego 76026 – Gorilla Grodd Goes Bananas

Gorilla Grodd Goes Bananas is a new super Heroes set that has recently hit stores. This medium size set has almost three hundred and fifty pieces and show a really nice scenario full of color and action where the banana hungry Gorilla Grodd tries to destroy everything that comes nearby.

The set features a black bat mech, a transparent small airplane, a really nice truck prepared to be broke in two, a couple of interesting accessories namely a box with bananas and the new Jumper piece and six mini-figures: Wonder Woman, Batman, Truck Driver, Captain Cold, The Flash and of course Gorilla Grodd.

Having a look at the mech, Continue reading

Lego 79105 – Baxter Robot Rampage

The Baxter Robot Rampage is a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ set that has been released in the beginning of 2013. It recreates one of the many episodes of the Turtles Cartoons, where the Ninjas face Baxter Stockman and its big Mech.

With exactly three hundred and ninety seven pieces it brings a considerable number of features to play with. Besides the big green Mech, the set has also four mini-figures (April O’Neil, Baxter Stockman, Donatello and Raphael) a small buggy, a skate and a strange (as usual…) aircraft.

Mechs aren’t my favorite stuff and this one is no exception. Made mostly with gray pieces, it is reasonably Continue reading

Lego 70008 – Gorzan’s Gorilla Striker

Here is another Mech in the Summer Wave of sets. The Legend of Chima’s Gorzan Gorilla Striker is a big set with more than five hundred pieces which is not surprising according that, as you can see through the pictures, we’re talking about a big, fat and tall mech. But what is more incredible is that excluding the new Eglor’s Twin bike this is the smallest of the regular sets of Chima’s releases in this summer.

With exactly five hundred and five pieces, the set brings, besides the multicolor mech, a small platform with what it looks a catapult, a small flying object, and four mini-figures of two tribes, three of them completely new: Gorzan, G’Loona and Grumlo from the Gorilas and Rizzo from the cravens.

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Lego 70707 – CLS 89 Eradicator Mech

The CLS Eradicator Mech is a new Galaxy Squad Set and the only orange squad representative in the summer wave of releases. It brings exactly four hundred and forty pieces which includes the big Eradicator Mech, two big alien Bugs and a couple of orange soldiers namely Robot Sidekick and Jack Fireblade.

The Big Mech is quite interesting because it has the capability of transforming in two distinct vehicles. At the top, the big cockpit splits and transforms into a small space ship that is originally stuck to the mech thanks to a few technic pins, while the bug Mech keeps a similar look with all the original features.

I am not I truly fan of Mechs but I must say that this one is not one of the worst, far away from that. The entire structure is absolutely sturdy Continue reading

Lego 70500 – Kai’s Fire Mech

The Kai’s Fire Mech is the entry’s set of the 2013 Ninjago Sets. It has only hundred and two pieces, which most of all are for the Fire Mech and two nice mini-figures, Kay and a Stone Scout. Definitely is not of my favorites but surely looks a good addition as a complement for bigger sets.

The two mini-figures are simply great. The black Scout Soldier ,present on many other Ninjago sets is more of the same but surely has pretty nice details such has its printed body and of course its weapon, a crossbow. Kay on the other hand has a great helmet and perhaps one of the best printed torsos of Ninjago’s mini-figures. Have a look at the details in the below pictures.

The main attraction, the Fire Mech, Continue reading