Lego 76082 – ATM Heist Battle

The ATM Heist Battle is a new Marvel Super Heroes Set that will soon be available on stores. With a small size, only hundred and eight five pieces, it features a small building, representing a bank, three mini-figures (Spider Man and a couple of Masked Robbers) with nice accessories and a motorcycle for the escape.

It might not be considered the best option if you’re searching for cars or unusual vehicles but I definitely like this set in terms of playability. The robbers look absolutely fantastic with their printed faces and unusual weapons (the laser gun with the stud shooter looks really cool). The green motorcycle despite not being a new model is also a nice added value to the set.Lego-76082-ATM-Heist-Battle-marvel-super-heroes

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Lego Super Heroes Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 – The First Pic

The first image with some of the sets that will make part of next nwxt wave of Marvel – Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 sets has been surfing in the internet, showing three new scenarios with some nice stuff to enjoy.

The sets are: Ayesha’s Revenge (76079) with three mini-figures (Rocket, Taserface and Mantis), Ravager Attack (76080) that will include five characters (Star-ord, Yondu, Ayesha, Nebula and Baby Groot) and finally a third one an improved version of the Milano Spaceship Rescue (76081) that will feature at least three mini-figures.

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Lego 2017 Marvel Super Heroes Pictures

Official pictures of three new Marvel Super Heroes Sets have been unveiled by Amazon Japan, showing three small /medium boxes with some interesting vehicles (I love that red convertible!!)), pretty nice details to enjoy and of course, as always awesome mini-figures.

The sets are:  Captain America Jet Pursuit (76076 and 160 pieces), Iron Man: Detroit Steel Strikes (76077 and 377 pieces) and Hulk vs. Red Hulk (76078 and 375 pieces), and will be available on retail next

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Lego 76078 – Hulk vs Red Hulk

Hulk vs Red Hulk is a new Marvel Super Heroes set that has been unveiled and shortly will be presented at 2016 San Diego Comic Con. And at the first glance it’s definitely another huge Marvel set with lots of action and playability.

The set box brings three hundred and seventy five pieces and features a couple of vehicles with lots of color, nice details and deadly weapons, two big figures (Hulk and Red Hulk) and a couple of additional mini-figures (She Hulk and Red She Hulk with additional accessories), that I’m particularly curious to see.Lego 76078 - Hulk vs Red Hulk

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2017 Mighty Micros were unveiled

Six new Mighty Micros will make part of the first 2017 Super Heroes wave of new sets. Three of them were already revealed a few days ago and now we can see the other three. The new Marvel Micros are Wolverine vs. Magneto, Spider-Man vs. Scorpion and Iron Man vs. Thanos that join Batman vs. Killer Moth, Wonder Woman vs. Doomsday and Superman vs. Bizarro for DC Comics.

This targeted subtheme doesn’t usually impress me much but I must agree that some of them look really cute. Iron Man vs Thanos looks really cool and generically all the mini-figures looks rather pretty.Lego-mighty-micros-marvel-dc-comics-1

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