Lego 10237 – Tower of Orthanc

The Tower of Orthanc is a new Lord of The Rings set that will be released next July. It has two thousand three hundred and fifty nice pieces and it’s probably the most complex and detailed set of the Lego’ summer wave. It has besides the tall tower (it measures exactly seventy three centimeters), the treebeard, an eagle and five mini-figures: Saruman, Gríma Wormtongue, Gandalf the Grey, Uruk-hai and Mordor Orc.

Built almost with black pieces, seen from the front, it is amazingly detailed with multiple types of bricks since the little ones, passing through the long and sharp ones. At the back, it rests most of the playability.

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Lego 79008 – Pirate Ship Ambush

The Pirate Ship Ambush is the biggest 2013’ Lord of the Rings Set and will be release, soon, on the next months. With exactly seven hundred and fifty six pieces and besides the long ship (it is 60 centimeters long), the set has also a small catapult and nine (!!) mini-figures, some of them exclusive: Legolas, Aragorn, the short Gimli, the King of the Dead, two Soldiers of the Dead, a Pirate of Umbar and two Mordor Orcs.

If you remember the three movies, this set recreates the part where some of the characters, Legolas, Gimli and Aragon face the death’s Army in order to get some help to defeat the Mordor’s army in the black gate’s battle.

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Lego 79006 – The Council of Elrond

The Council of Elrond is a new Lord of the Rings set that will be released next August. With exactly two hundred and forty three pieces, the set recreates the scene of the fellowship of the ring’s film where Gandalf, Frodo, Elrond, Aragorn and many other characters will decide what will be done with the golden ring.

Although its reasonable size, I must say that this set hasn’t many features to play with. The set basically brings four pleasant mini-figures (Gimli, Frodo Baggins, Arwen and Elrond – these last two are exclusive of this set) a small building, representing Rivendell and a small platform with a tree, a round table and some seats that recreate the council.

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Toy Fair in New York – Continuing With Lord of the Rings and Galaxy Squad

The Lord of the Rings presented the fans with only four new sets and despite of all the beauty and features of the four, the big pirate ship ambush overshadows the other three. With almost eight hundred pieces and nine mini-figures it surely deserved to be watched carefully below, in the gallery. And I admit, maybe I’m being a bit unfair with the Black Gate because it has almost the same size and the fortress is really impressive.

Looking at the Galaxy Squad, basically is the continuation of strange insectoids and big detailed space machines. Their color combination, not only from the vehicles but also from the big mosquitos is basically the same and in terms of new sets, the Galactic Titan, with more than one thousand stands out from the rest.

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Lego 79007 – The first HD pictures of The Black Gate (updated)

The Black Gate is a new 2013 Lord of the Rings set that will be released very soon, and there are also a few rumors that it is already on stores in some markets. This impressive set has a total of six hundred and fifty five pictures and besides the big black gate of Murdor, it has also a fearful black horse and a big eagle which is absolutely new and exclusive.

Talking about mini-figures, the fans will be presented with five characters: Gandalf the White, Aragorn, the Mouth of Sauron and two Mordoc Orcs. Unfortunately the pictures are not the best, yet, but through them we can have an idea that, if they are not totally new, at least there are some details that were surely rearranged.

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