Lego Ideas – The Lighthouse achieves 10.000 fans

In a time when news about regular sets have slowed down a bit, a pretty interesting ideas project has just achieved 10.000 supporters, joining the pop up book and the boat house dinner, in the third review stage of this year.

The lighthouse is a huge creation with almost two thousands and four hundred pieces and features besides the light tower, a big building built over an island with plenty of different colors and nice details to enjoy.legoi-ideas-lighthouse

In terms of figures, the project Continue reading

Lego 41094 – Hearltlake Lighthouse

The Heartlake Lighthouse is a new Friends set with almost five hundred pieces that features a beautiful lighthouse with an ice cream parlor next to it, a pink boat, two mini-dolls (Stephanie and Kate), a pink boat for the girls, a small island and a few additional accessories such as some ice creams for the girls or a digital camera.

The building looks really nice, having two different color schemes, one, white and pink, for the lighthouse and another with two blue shades, for the ice cream store. Despite being two distinct parts, the two are built in the same level, next to each other and slightly above the water level.

The ice cream parlor isn’t particularly Continue reading