Lego 76083 – Beware the Vulture

Beware the Vulture is a Marvel super heroes spider-Man home coming set that has been recently released. Despite the story or scenario that is behind these four characters, this set is absolutely great not only thanks to the figures but also because of the white truck and its hidden features.

As you can see through the pictures, the set shows four awesome mini-figures (iron-man, superman, the Shocker and finally the Vulture with its big green wing suit) with plenty of accessories and a small white truck with a fearful trunk and lots of nice but small details.Lego-76083-Beware-the-Vulture-super-heroes-marvel-3

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Lego 2017 Marvel Super Heroes Pictures

Official pictures of three new Marvel Super Heroes Sets have been unveiled by Amazon Japan, showing three small /medium boxes with some interesting vehicles (I love that red convertible!!)), pretty nice details to enjoy and of course, as always awesome mini-figures.

The sets are:  Captain America Jet Pursuit (76076 and 160 pieces), Iron Man: Detroit Steel Strikes (76077 and 377 pieces) and Hulk vs. Red Hulk (76078 and 375 pieces), and will be available on retail next

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Lego 76048 – Iron Skull Sub Attack

The Iron Skull Sub Attack is a new Marvel Super Heroes set with around three hundred pieces that has recently hit stores. It might not be the prettiest Lego set at the first glance, but if you look closely, it definitely features a lot of nice details to enjoy!

Besides the black submarine that shows also a big red cage, stuck with a chain, the set features also a small green Scuba and four mini-figures with additional accessories: Scuba Iron Man, Scuba Captain America, Iron skull, the guy of the submarine and finally Hydra Diver.Lego-76048-Iron-Skull-Sub-Attack-marvel-super-heroes-4

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Lego 76038 – Attack on Avengers Tower

The Attack on Avengers Tower is a new Super Heroes set that will be available on stores in the next months. It features a really nice building with several floors and plenty of glass, a small drone and five mini-figures: Iron Man, Thor, Ultron and a couple of Iron Legion Accomplice.

The Tower looks awesome at the first glance and it definitely seems to bring some really nice features to play with, despite that a few of them aren’t perfectly visible for now, at least looking at the few available pictures. The building is mostly built with grey shades and lots of windows and features four different levels. The back parts seem similar on every floor showing some big round windows and the Avengers symbol on top.

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Lego 76031 – Hulkbuster Rescue Mission

The Hulkbuster Rescue Mission is a new Super Heroes set that will be available in the beginning of April. Recently presented in this year’s London Toy Fair, it is a medium size set with two hundred and forty nine pieces and features Hulkblaster, Hulk with a small platform and three must have mini-figures: Scarlet Witch, Ultron Prime and Iron Man.

Hulkblaster seems a bit bigger than it was supposed but the most important features are definitely there. The color scheme as well as the helmet’s shapes are similar to Iron Man, but I think that the similarities end right here. Just like most part of the mech’s, the arms and legs are attached to the body with the usual ball mechanism.

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