Lego Super Heroes 6868 – Hulk’s Helicarrier Breakout

Hulk’s Helicarrier breakout is another excellent Marvel’s set. With almost four hundred pieces and four mini-figures (which are the big Hulk, Thor, Loki and Hawkeye), the main building is obviously the Helicarrier, but besides this, there is also a nice blue jet fighter that together intend to recreate Loki’s Escape from the Helicarrier at the same time that Hulk and Thor try to avoid it.

The Helicarrier is simple to build and basically has three different platforms which attach to each other through some pins. The middle section is Loki’s cell that is all made of glass. There are surely some nice details in this part. The transparent door opens through a clever mechanism placed in the first floor, and there are a blue extinguisher and a couple of glass boards in both sides of this section. Above it, there is a control room with some computers and a couple of blue chairs.At its right side there are Continue reading