Lego Marvel Super Heroes Thor Ragnarok: the first set box pictures

Pictures of two new Marvel Super Heroes sets have been published on several websites, showing two new middle size sets: the Ultimate Battle for Asgard (76084) and Thor vs Hulk: Arena Clash (76088).  And from both, I’ll surely highlight the awesome mini-figures.

The ultimate battle brings six (Hela, Berseker- x2, Valkyrie, Bruce Banner and Thor) as well as a big red  space ship and a brick built animal in a total of around four hundred pieces. Thor vs Hulk features a blue and red arena with a throne on top, a Hulk Figure and four mini-figures (Thor, Loki, a Sakaarian Guard and Grandmaster) in a total of around five hundred will be available next Continue reading

Lego 2017 Marvel Super Heroes Pictures

Official pictures of three new Marvel Super Heroes Sets have been unveiled by Amazon Japan, showing three small /medium boxes with some interesting vehicles (I love that red convertible!!)), pretty nice details to enjoy and of course, as always awesome mini-figures.

The sets are:  Captain America Jet Pursuit (76076 and 160 pieces), Iron Man: Detroit Steel Strikes (76077 and 377 pieces) and Hulk vs. Red Hulk (76078 and 375 pieces), and will be available on retail next

Have a look at Continue reading

Lego 76078 – Hulk vs Red Hulk

Hulk vs Red Hulk is a new Marvel Super Heroes set that has been unveiled and shortly will be presented at 2016 San Diego Comic Con. And at the first glance it’s definitely another huge Marvel set with lots of action and playability.

The set box brings three hundred and seventy five pieces and features a couple of vehicles with lots of color, nice details and deadly weapons, two big figures (Hulk and Red Hulk) and a couple of additional mini-figures (She Hulk and Red She Hulk with additional accessories), that I’m particularly curious to see.Lego 76078 - Hulk vs Red Hulk

Hulk shows an awesome Continue reading

Lego Super Heroes Hulk Polybag Found

A new Polybag has been seen in a Canadian Classifieds website.  The bag has only twenty seven pieces but the content looks really cool, featuring Hulk, as a mini-figure which is rather uncommon, a white ATV with a detachable function and a big sticker sheet.

Hulk has the traditional green skin shades and its torso seems quite detailed showing plenty of muscles. The ATV is pretty small and uses the tiniest possible wheels.  However it has space for the driver, a usual handle at the front and lights at the front and back. Right in the middle there a small detachable mechanism that allows Hulk to easily split it into two which is great in terms of

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Lego 76031 – Hulkbuster Rescue Mission

The Hulkbuster Rescue Mission is a new Super Heroes set that will be available in the beginning of April. Recently presented in this year’s London Toy Fair, it is a medium size set with two hundred and forty nine pieces and features Hulkblaster, Hulk with a small platform and three must have mini-figures: Scarlet Witch, Ultron Prime and Iron Man.

Hulkblaster seems a bit bigger than it was supposed but the most important features are definitely there. The color scheme as well as the helmet’s shapes are similar to Iron Man, but I think that the similarities end right here. Just like most part of the mech’s, the arms and legs are attached to the body with the usual ball mechanism.

There are plenty of round Continue reading