Lego 60138 – High Speed Chase

The High Speed Chase is a new City Police set that has recently hit stores. With around three hundred pieces it features, two vehicles (a red convertible and a high-speed police car, a police helicopter, and four mini-figures (three police officers and a thief) with assorted accessories that include stolen money and a barrier.

The set hasn’t anything particularly new but definitely has a huge potential in terms of playability. The heli on its hand looks sturdy, with some nice handling and all around there are plenty of nice details to enjoy!Lego-60138-High-Speed-Chase-city-police-5

The cockpit looks very Continue reading

Lego 76054 – Batman: Scarecrow Harvest of Fear

Three spectacular vehicles (a Harvester, a blue helicopter and a small tractor) and five mini-figures (Scarecrow, Killer Moth, a Farmer, the Blue Beetle and Batman) with assorted accessories is what the new Batman: Scare crow Harvest of Fear will feature, among a total of five hundred and sixty three pieces.

I like this Harvester! With a several brown shades and a lot of nice details, it shows a technic structure that is perhaps a big complex than usual in this theme probably due not only to the wheel axles but also to the rotating blades on the front which seems to be a connected mechanism.Lego-76054-Batman-Scarecrow-Harvest-of-Fear-super-heroes

Scarecrow is Continue reading

Lego 60131 – Crooks Island

The Crooks Island is a new City Police set with two hundred and forty four pieces that is available since the beginning of 2016. It features a Police Helicopter, a small island with the Croker’s’ hideout, a red water scooter and three mini-figures (a couple of robbers and a police heli pilot) with assorted accessories.

Not being the most appellative set in terms of beauty or playability, I find this set quite interesting if you wait to create a Police chase or pursuit scenario. The robbers have to go somewhere!Lego-60131-Crooks-Island-police

The small hideout is built Continue reading

Lego 75915 – Pteranodon Capture

The Pteranodon capture is a new Lego set that belongs to the Jurassic World theme which will hit stores next summer. It has only one hundred and seventy four pieces that will feature a blue helicopter, two mini-figures (a pilot and a shooter) , both with different weapons, and of course a small Pteranodon.

I like this heli. It’s not very big which is good in terms of handling and playability and it brings some really nice features to enjoy. The cockpit at the front has a long windshield that opens widely and inside it’s possible to see a printed control panel and two yellow handlers to maneuver the machine.

The landing gear is also quite Continue reading

Lego 60093 – Deep Sea Helicopter

Here comes another city Helicopter, this time from the new 20150 city sub theme, the Deep Sea Exploration. The set has almost four hundred pieces and features an Exploration helicopter, a mini-submarine, a shark, three mini-figures (a pilot, and two divers) and some additional accessories like a box with precious jewels.

First of all and despite the great features that it brings, I must say that this heli is not one of my favorites in terms of design. The double propeller and the straight back definitely didn’t convince me at all.

The color scheme seems Continue reading