Lego 60162 – Jungle Air Drop Helicopter

The Jungle Air Drop Helicopter is a new City set that will shortly be available on stores and definitely the biggest of the new Jungle sub-theme, showing one thousand and two hundred and fifty pieces and an endless number of stuff to play with and enjoy.

This is absolutely a set with a huge list of vehicles, features and nice details. Have a look: A big and unusual helicopter carrying a big rack with two motorcycles and plenty of additional accessories, a big Jungle car, a watch tower with a powerful winch, a boat with research equipment, an island with a tricky bridge, several different animals ( a tiger, a crocodile and a spider ), and finally seven Jungle mini-figures. That’s surely a lot!Lego-60162-Jungle-Air-Drop-Helicopter-city-4

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Lego 60158 – Jungle Cargo Helicopter

The Jungle Cargo Helicopter is a City set from the new Jungle Subtheme. With around two hundred pieces, it brings a yellow Cargo helicopter, an ATV with a new design, a small island with a totem with some bushes and two Jungle mini-figures with assorted accessories, including a toolbox that can be pulled by the heli.

And talking about this one, it is surely the big attraction. With an unusual design, prepared to transport goods or vehicles with a winch, it shows at the front a small cockpit with some handlers, a set for the pilot and a long windshield that is at the same time the only access to the interior.Lego 60158-Jungle-Cargo Helicopter-city-2

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Lego 60138 – High Speed Chase

The High Speed Chase is a new City Police set that has recently hit stores. With around three hundred pieces it features, two vehicles (a red convertible and a high-speed police car, a police helicopter, and four mini-figures (three police officers and a thief) with assorted accessories that include stolen money and a barrier.

The set hasn’t anything particularly new but definitely has a huge potential in terms of playability. The heli on its hand looks sturdy, with some nice handling and all around there are plenty of nice details to enjoy!Lego-60138-High-Speed-Chase-city-police-5

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Lego 76054 – Batman: Scarecrow Harvest of Fear

Three spectacular vehicles (a Harvester, a blue helicopter and a small tractor) and five mini-figures (Scarecrow, Killer Moth, a Farmer, the Blue Beetle and Batman) with assorted accessories is what the new Batman: Scare crow Harvest of Fear will feature, among a total of five hundred and sixty three pieces.

I like this Harvester! With a several brown shades and a lot of nice details, it shows a technic structure that is perhaps a big complex than usual in this theme probably due not only to the wheel axles but also to the rotating blades on the front which seems to be a connected mechanism.Lego-76054-Batman-Scarecrow-Harvest-of-Fear-super-heroes

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Lego 60131 – Crooks Island

The Crooks Island is a new City Police set with two hundred and forty four pieces that is available since the beginning of 2016. It features a Police Helicopter, a small island with the Croker’s’ hideout, a red water scooter and three mini-figures (a couple of robbers and a police heli pilot) with assorted accessories.

Not being the most appellative set in terms of beauty or playability, I find this set quite interesting if you wait to create a Police chase or pursuit scenario. The robbers have to go somewhere!Lego-60131-Crooks-Island-police

The small hideout is built Continue reading