Lego Friends 3942 – Heartlake Dog Show

Looks like the ladies have another interesting set to add to their collection. Released last January, this set intends to recreate all the features present in a dog show. It has almost two hundred pieces, two little dogs and a figure, Mia. As usual in this theme, this set brings a lot of playability.

Let’s have a close look: it has a central stage with side steps (actually, in the middle there are also some steps), an arch in the back for the artist’s entrance and plenty of nice details for decoration, such as the rose flags, the usual city flowers and even a mark of a dog pow, in the arch’s top. As you already have noted there are many colors all around, similar to the other theme’s sets.

The dogs have plenty of stuffs to make their acrobatics: a swing to test their balance, a small barrier for their jumps and even two spotlights pointed to the stage, when it’s time to take pictures. Continue reading