Some High Quality Pictures of Police Sets

After the amazing pictures of the most recent city set, the 60009 Helicopter Arrest – I surely must buy this set! – , let me present you some more high definition pictures that are now gradually being released by Lego. The Police ATV (60007) and the Car Chase look now even more amazing than in the previous presentations.

Through the following images we can easily see amazing details not only in the mini-figures but surely in the vehicles. For instance it is possible to see that the new convertible of the car chase will have a sticker instead of a printed piece, which is in my opinion a negative point. On the other hand front bumpers have a different design for better, with that little black piece in the middle.

On the other hand, the Police Van is really impressive with those big wheels  Continue reading

City Traffic Sets – HD Pictures

And traffic sets have also something new to should. These great quality pictures of the cement Mixer, of the flat bed truck and of the new tank truck are not only very good in terms of resolution but mostly some of them are new showing the models from different sides and perspectives.

The tank truck with the exception of the set box gives us finally a decent perspective of the models showing nice details such as small fuel station, or even the top of the truck which in the previous post wasn’t clear enough. And I still with same opinion, the different from this to the older 3180, is that this one is smaller and it is nor articulated.The Cement Mixer, on the other hand, Continue reading

New HD Pictures of Fire Sets

Recently Lego has brought out some new pictures with better resolution of many city sets including the fire sets that were previously reviewed. If you missed them, you can check it clicking here. Although many of them are the same, definitely there are some details that now can be observed with better detail.

There is for instance a new angle of the emergency truck showing pretty well the cab and the front part of the truck, in the 60002, fire truck, there is now a better angle of all the features at the back, namely all the water pressure manometers and on the other hand only this time I observed that in the motorcycle, the extinguisher is placed in an usual place hold by its neck.

Globally all the details shadows or reflexes are now better presented. Continue reading