Lego Friends 2013 – New Sets

The girls with surely be delighted with the great rumors about the new sets. There is a bunch of different scenarios, mini dolls, as well as new buildings and vehicles. This is perhaps the theme that most increased the sales and as a consequence, it is surely one where the expectation for pictures, confirmations and release dates is very high.

There will be a new jetski, a football training where Stephanie, I guess, can score some nice goals,  Ema will have at her disposal a very nice Karate Dojo to kick some bricks, a new Magic show will appear in town with Mia and her rabbit, Andreas will have a new Jet Ski, similar to the previous one, according to same Friends fans.

A new Pet Shop will also be available in the town Continue reading

Lego Friends 3061 – City Park Cafe

The City Park Cafe is a new year’s set with plenty of colors and features. Just the fact that it is a Friends’ set it is automatically synonymous of that. The set has almost two hundred and thirty pieces and two girls: Andrea and Marie and is definitely a good deal not only to the theme, but also to add it to a city. If you think that the dolls don’t combine, just replace it for a couple of mini-figures.

The Cafe is a nice building and it is all made of glass. The two base plates are unusual not only in its shape but also in its color. Inside there is lots of stuff to have fun: a snack bar with an ice-cream machine, a register (which is a printed piece) with money inside and below it an unusual drawer and in front of it a support table with two bottles.

And it is not over, because next to the entry, there is a nice table with two seats (and these one are different of the usual chairs that are used everywhere…) and a set table with dishes forks, knifes and much more. Continue reading

Lego Friends 3184 – Adventure Camper

The Adventure Camper is a Friends set that will be released next summer. With more than three hundred pieces and a price around the thirty dollars, it has two mini-figures which I think that are Nicole and Olivia, a vehicle with a trailer that is almost a clone of the 7639 city Camper, a park table for a nice picnic, a barbecue, two bicycles and a blue surfboard.

Besides that, there are also plenty of accessories and tools: juice cups, dishes, food, barbecue accessories, cakes and much more. If we join all that with the many available color pieces were the pink dominates, this is surely one of the most enjoyable sets (and perhaps themes) that Lego has created in terms of color. Not only because there are many different colors but also because many of them are quite unusual.The Van as I said before looks like the 7639. Continue reading

Lego Friends 3065 – Olivia’s Tree House

The Olivia’s Tree House is a girl’s set released this year and it is definitely a fine entry set to the friend’s theme. With almost two hundred pieces, the girls will surely love the features and accessories that this set has as well as the “thousands and thousands” of different colors. The set has one figure, Olivia, and two animals: a cat and a little bird (I think that the dead fish doesn’t count).

The core of the set is of course the tree and its house (well, I think that is more a platform than a house, but it is ok) but there is more in terms of features: there is a bird house (this is the one that is a house…), a ladder to climb the house, a bowl at the top of the tree to enjoy the views, a binocular, a bed for the cat and in the garden there is a park bench....Continue Reading...

Lego Autumn 2012 Sets

As 2012 goes forward, the new autumn sets are being revealed in the internet. It’s is hard to make a selection of the best pictures because the amount of sets is huge. Below, there is a fast presentation of several sets, of different themes, such as the two advent calendars from city and friend’s themes, which are respectively the 4428 and 3316, despite of the speculation that this lat one will not be produced.

Besides those sets, there are also several news for Technic, Hero factory and also Ninjago. This one has at least three new sets which are the Epic Dragon battle (9450), the Lizaru (9557) and the NRG Zane (9590). The Hero Factory’s theme is perhaps the most represented theme in this post because there are six new guys:

Nex (6221), Core Hunter (6222), Bulk (6223), XT4 (6229), Stormer XL (6230), Speeda Deamon (6231), Stringer (6282) and Voltix (6283) will soon join the collection. Continue reading