Lego 41001 – Mia’s Magic Tricks

The Mia’s Magic Trick is another friends set, recently released, where Mia with the help of her friend, the little rabbit, will present a few magic tricks. The set with exactly ninety pieces has, besides the two mentioned characters, a big magic box, a nice black round table and a small stage entrance for the show.

The most interesting part of the set is obviously the magic box where Mia has definitely the possibility of showing some tricks. Built over a few technic pieces it has a couple of small doors at the front through where the white rabbit enters and once those doors close, inside there is a small trapdoors, triggered at the back that allows to animal to escape or fall to the box interior without being seen.

The small entrance built with a couple of light brown columns, Continue reading

Lego 41000 – Water Scooter Fun

The Water Scooter fun is the smallest set of the 2013 friends theme with only twenty eight pieces. But I’m absolutely sure that the little jet will be a good addition to my Marina, just like Stephanie and its little ATV were. I had no idea that these little friends could be a nice addition to the city sets until I bought Stephanie’s Pet Patrol (3935), split its parts and joined them with other bigger sets.

This set is composed by Kate and its little water bike, and a little seaside jetty. In this small set I guess that we can even talk about a building experience because this Water Scooter Fun set is probably built in less than five minutes, but the little jet is quite interesting for such a small vehicle.

With a bunch of different colors, Continue reading

Lego Friends 3942 – Heartlake Dog Show

Looks like the ladies have another interesting set to add to their collection. Released last January, this set intends to recreate all the features present in a dog show. It has almost two hundred pieces, two little dogs and a figure, Mia. As usual in this theme, this set brings a lot of playability.

Let’s have a close look: it has a central stage with side steps (actually, in the middle there are also some steps), an arch in the back for the artist’s entrance and plenty of nice details for decoration, such as the rose flags, the usual city flowers and even a mark of a dog pow, in the arch’s top. As you already have noted there are many colors all around, similar to the other theme’s sets.

The dogs have plenty of stuffs to make their acrobatics: a swing to test their balance, a small barrier for their jumps and even two spotlights pointed to the stage, when it’s time to take pictures. Continue reading

Friends 2013 Sets Pictures – Here They Are

At last, the new 2013 sets appeared. For now and just like most of the other themes, the set boxes are the only available images. And I must say that they’re all very nice, despite it is not one of my favorite themes. The immensity of different colors keeps the some quality of the previous sets and there are surely many new nice details.

The Girls will surely love the new ideas. The Wartercrafting (41000) will be the smallest – a five dollars set for sure – and the heartlake swimming pool (41008), the biggest. Mia is very well dressed for its magic presentation (41001) and Emma looks also very great with its Kimono (41002), or Karate suite, if you prefer.Olivia on the other hand has a new little horse to take care of (41003),

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Lego 2012 Super Packs – Cars, Friends and Technic

These are just the kind of gifts that I would love to be presented in Christmas. They combine playability, lots of mini-figures, beauty and an excellent value for money. Some references sites recently mentioned the launch of new super packs for these three themes: cars, Friends and Technic.

The three have normally different market target to reach, but all of them try to offer the best possible product with a nice discount. This year, at the moment, all of the three themes have a super pack ready to be launched and I have special curiosity to see the technic package (that will be the Lego 66433) because with it will come the tow truck, a nice Quad ATV and a power set.On the other hand, the Cars superpack (Lego 66409) will have five racing cars, Continue reading